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Thread: Trigger Thumb or De Quervain's tenosynovitis

  1. Default Trigger Thumb or De Quervain's tenosynovitis

    Just wondered if anyone had experienced these conditions ?

    I have had it for over 8 weeks now and it is really painful

    The GP originally thought it was De Quervain's but now my middle thumb joint is clicking badly so not really sure what I have got

    I can not grip anything or exert any pressure on my thumb and have been wearing a splint thing to immobolise it. It is fine when on but when I take it off not good at all.

    GP prescribed Diclofenac for inflammation and said to come back if no improvement for an injection ...presume she means cortisone ?

    I have heard that this is very painful and does not always work so not keen at all

    Fed up of not being able to use my hand properly now.

    Any advice welcomed.

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    not nice, i have dodgy wobbly arthritic thumbs, yes prob steroid injection, diclofenac is a fab anti inflamatory, try and give it some time and rest, sorry to not be more helpful xx
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    I had de guervains syndrome (not sure about spelling) - had a few cortisone injections - they are not too painful - which worked for a while, a few months, but eventually ended up getting a tendon release op a few years back and it has never bothered me since

    Good luck, hope you managed to get it sorted soon, it is a right nuisance of a thing.
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    I'm having physiotherapy for it - not sure if it's helping at all as hurts more after physio & physio said to rest it as much as possible & not do the exercises when it hurts - most of the time! Also using Diclofenac.

    Not sure whether they'll give me steroid injections as have them in both shoulders every 4-6 months - well overdue the next lot at the moment! Went in for bone spur in shoulder & had a complete rotator cuff repair for impingement + more repairs down right arm. Have to have the same on left side when/IF the right side recovers - after nearly 3 years I'm not holding my breath. Had copious amounts of physio for this too and do the exercises every day but still in a great deal of pain. The butcher oops surgeon hasn't seen me himself after firstly assuring me before the op. that I'd probably be able to drive home the same day then going in (without MRI scan, just with X-ray ) and informing groggy me after the op. that I couldn't drive for 3 months! OMG!

    Don't think I'd be happy having other side done OR thumbs. I'd LOVE a good nights sleep - can't lie on either side without pain & has been this way for 5 years now - took 2 yrs to see consultant.
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    My son had trigger thumbs from a young age and had an op at about four. They reckoned it should have sorted itself by then. Maybe it was his age and the fact he would be growing. He has been fine since.

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    Thanks for the replies guys.

    What you are going through Wishes sounds a nightmare and makes my thumb pain very trivial in comparison

    I hope you get some improvement too.

    I'm getting to the stage where I might just bite the bullet and have the damn injection

    I am such a coward !
    My avatar is our lovely ex Battersea doggie who we've been privileged to be "owned by" for the last 17 years !

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