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Thread: Ants and ant-hills in my lawn

  1. Default Ants and ant-hills in my lawn

    OH cut the grass last night which had grown really long and wild with all this rain. It looks awful due to about 15 ant-hills, huge brown patches in my lovely lawn! We couldn't see these before the grass was cut. Does anyone know how to get rid of them please, or if we can get rid of them?

    TIA x

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    Found exactly the same in MIL's lawn yesterday, about a dozen of them. Googled the problem and the most common answer was to rake the area BEFORE you mow, leveling the mound, and then leave it to the birds to feast. The ants won't do much harm and it's just this very wet weather that's causing them to want to be closer to the surface. If you really can't stand them, there were various solutions but none seemed worth the hassle unless you have a bowling green type lawn. I just googled 'how do I get rid of ants in lawns' or similar.

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    I've also got loads of ants nests, its giving the birds something to feed on.
    looks like a weather related problem.

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    you could try serving an eviction notice


    I have them all over my garden plant tubs and under my patio.. I think its the 2 dry winters we've had that made the numbers so big.. They don't like wet area's
    I leave them for the most part unless the odd ones get into the house

    My mum had then in the house.. and after trying all the old wives tails remedies of salt, vinegar and copper coins in the corners.. she ended up using ant powder which seems to have worked

    So you could just leave them... or try moving them on by soaking them with soapy water or just use the powder to kill them

    Hope that helps

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    Bit weird solution but I've just discovered Indorex spray after my dog had a problem with little friends of the jumping variety - apparently it works on ants, and spiders as well !! read reviews of people spraying it over door entrances to stop ants getting in.
    11 1/2 lbs / 42lbs only 30 1/2 to go I WILL be a yummy mummy again by summer.

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    Same thing happened to my lawn. I just left them and mowed them flat next time I did the lawn.

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    Little sods keep popping up in my kitchen, luckily the rain is putting them at bay. Waging war as we speak with that gel stuff.

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    Vaseline around chair legs is good for outside

    my mum used to put boiling water down the holes - personally I would leave them - its nature

    we've a plague of snails and homeless snails (slugs) at the moment - some of them are huge - bigger than the ones you get to eat!!
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    Thanks for your replies. It's looking much better this morning, I have seen lots of birds on the lawn, hopefully eating the ants and there doesn't seem as many brown patches now. Think the lawn needs to dry out as well as it is absolutely soaking wet. OH also forked the lawn after mowing so hopefully the patches will disappear

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