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Thread: can anyone recommend a good breadmaker

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    I really like Greggs bloomers or sealed batch
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    Quote Originally Posted by MomaBee View Post
    Do you mean protein Wishes?

    The Tesco one I have says a higher protein content allows the gluten to develop, thats 12.6. Sainsburys strong is 13.4 protein.

    I've not noticed a difference between them but we use them mainly for pizza bases.
    Yes I do - I didn't have any flour to see what was on the back. It'll either say gluten or protein. TBH I've made bread with 10.5 & it's turned out OK but 12 is good. You may be surprised at the cheap, cheap flour as some has high protein/gluten figures. TBH some of my loaves made with the cheapest of cheap flour has often come out better than Allisons or speciality flours.

    As I said I haven't made bread in a while and being honest again I nipped in Morrisons today just at the right time and filled my trolley with speciality bread - would have been rude not to at 9p-65p. The 65p was sourdough - which I should be trying to make myself BUT hubby said it can be a pain as you end up throwing loads of it away as no-one wants any more of your starter.
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    I now have my panasonic breadmaker, i see at tesco they have a really good deal on allinson 3kg strong white flour and according to the packet it states great for breads etc.
    Has anyone used this version as it is not strong bread flour, the panasonic booklet states only use strong bread flour but have read some reviews on my breadmaker on the web and someone mentioned this 3kg packet at the price so is the product i am looking at.
    Any help would be much appreciated.
    Edit- the packet does not state strong bread flour but all listings under this product states it is bread flour - great deal at 30p more for double the size.
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    The one at ?1.80?

    It says in the blurb

    Fine flour, perfect bread

    Great tasting home baked bread, ideal for flatbreads, focaccias & buns

    For hand baking & bread makers

    Perfect results everytime

    Approved by the Vegetarian Society

    White strong bread flour

    Very good deal, I'll look out for that one.

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    Are the panasonic ones good fro gluten free and dairy free bread too? My don needs to be yeast free too so brands like Genius etc are no good as tbey contain yeast.

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    Quote Originally Posted by s879 View Post
    Are the panasonic ones good fro gluten free and dairy free bread too? My don needs to be yeast free too so brands like Genius etc are no good as tbey contain yeast.
    The Doves wheat and gluten free had the texture of crumpet It's that long ago I can't remember if I used yeast with it.

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    Yes, got the 3kg allinson bag today, amazing deal considerig the cost of the 1.5kg bags. Will be buying the larger bags in the future, i couldnt believe my eyes when i first saw the price. Makes homemade loaves even better value.

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    Hi Guys,

    A bit of advice please, has anyone used Bread storage bags when making home made bread in a breadmaker? Just wondered if they were any good.
    Also, how long do you normally leave your freshly baked loaves before cutting. Tried with effort to cut even slices but the slices seem to be veering off line not making the loaves go far, is a good bread knife really worth investing in.

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    Definitely, I think ours is a kitchen devil, it is serrated both sides, fine on one and coarser on the other. We bought it when we first started using bread maker for this reason and it is ace! Nothing like warm, freshly baked bread.

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    Im using a knife exactly the same as yours, think i attempted to cut the loaf too early, will leave longer like overnight from now on.

    Any advise on the bread bag for storing to keep fresh longer?

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