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Thread: Insulating Walls / Ceilings?

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    A few houses by me have has this done, it looks like a rock climbing wall during the process!!
    I've seen it done and it makes a big difference however if you have lovely stone walls you wouldn't want it
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    We've had most of this house replastered since we bought it last July. Many of the external walls have now been lined with plasterboard which has a layer of polystyrene type material about half an inch thick on it. Its an insulating plasterboard. The plasterer stuck this direct onto the old plaster/bricks (varied from room to room as some rooms we altered some we didn't) then skimmed it. The difference is very noticeable and I'd recommend it.
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    Thanks Dom and others for the posts. I have been considering the insulated plasterboard for internal wall option but has anyone had any experience of the insulated wallpaper option available, mixed reviews on the web.

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    Hoping to move shortly and part of the house as solid walls, will also be looking to add insulation.

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