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Thread: Help- Restless leg syndrome

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    I have noticed that a few have said about tonic water. If you can bear to drink this and need to buy it check the amount of quinine in the product....There is a lot of difference in the brands.
    My OH can drink this with no problem and when we are abroad has at least 2 glasses a day ( he says it settles his stomach )

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    silly question really but am going to spain for hols this year and wondered if amyone knows if you can get bitter lemon over there
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    No idea minx BUT you might be able to get actual quinine tablets from pharmacies over there, without prescription. I know at one time you could get just about everything that you'd need a prescription here for. 200-250mg is a LOT of quinine though so crumble it and just take a very little of tablet. 10% is plenty.
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