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Thread: new custmer for cashback??

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    Default new custmer for cashback??


    Just a general question - this is not aimed at anything in particular - but I guess I have a focus on car insurance (not a Ford Focus!) or maybe breakdown cover -

    generally it is my understanding that the cashback is offered for "new customers" - is this correct?

    If so - what is defined as being new - if I was with a company three years ago - and then come back - am I new? will I get cashback?

    I am starting to get confused as far as car insurance is concerned! - and I was thinking of moving to a different breakdown company (other than RAC) - but might be tempted to move back after a year if there was a sweet deal going.

    Can anyone enlighten me please?

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    I've heard of people telling their current insurer they will not be renewing the policy so they can take up a new customer offer with the same insurer. I go through a few comparison websites and choose the one I think is most suitable.

    For breakdown I usually do whatever company is offering the best/lowest rate through Topcashback and alternate between them.

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    I can't speak for car insurance, but I have swapped between RAC and AA breakdown for several years running and claimed cashback each time. I think RAC has a rule that you don't get cashback if you rejoin within a year. It does take several months to get your cashback for breakdown cover, so be aware that you will have to wait.

    If you don't want to leave RAC, when it comes to renewal time ring them and tell them you want to cancel because AA are offering you a better deal. They will usually offer to match the better deal - though not the cashback on top of that.

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    I swap for insurance between Aviva and RAC dependant often on who is giving the best cashback I can find (RAC policy is through Aviva) Basically for last 5-6yrs these have worked out the best for me before cashback. I've found as long as you tell them you don't want automatic renewal (when you get new quote through then cancel renewal) then you're treated as a new customer. However their system does show sometimes that you have a policy but it shouldn't affect cashback (hasn't with mine) as basically it's NOT a renewal but a NEW policy.

    Another point with cashback is that Topcashback give a price promise - if you see a better cashback deal elsewhere then they will honour it + they give an extra 1%? as a matter of course. Having been stung by Quidco non payouts a few times I switched all to Topcashback. Their price promise guarantee I've used a few times - it's always been updated to the better amount often within a day but sometimes takes a few days longer.

    So cancel renewal. Check ALL cashback sites for best cashback offer - screenshot & make sure you have a page link then go through TCB for an extra 1% having cleared all your cookies first.
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    Before you renew car insurance find out what they do if you have a no fault claim.

    Do they process it themselves or pass it on to a car hire company?

    I will never go with a company that will not help you when you have just had a no fault accident, besides it also bumps up the cost for everyone else and could also leave you being taken to court if the other partys insurers do not agree to pay the hire car costs.

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    Thanks for all the replies.
    I feel more at ease now being able to go back to a company I used a few years ago.
    As for breakdown, because my car is over 10 yrs old, at the mo, AA do not accept me anyway!

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