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Thread: DH in a lot of pain any suggestions?

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    Quote Originally Posted by missmeggie1 View Post
    I guess that's why melroccan has posted in 'health and beauty' and not Tesco clubcard points.

    Sorry I don't have anything positive to suggest, only keep turning up at A&E if the pain is unbearable. I know when I had trigeminal neuralgia the pain was unbearable, and always worse in the middle of the night. After a couple of trips to A&E, it did eventually get sorted out.
    Thanks missmeggie and to Greenpen you may be right but in fact there are people on here who have some experience of health issues too and I do get some ideas when I have run unto a brick wall at the doctors again. If you find this kind of post annoying no need to read it. I am not asking for medical advice just advice on how to deal with the NHS system which seems to mean you need to give advance knowledge of being ill to get a GP appointment.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Greenpen View Post
    Guess you are frustrated by what is going on but a forum specialising in Tesco Clubcard points is not the best place to seek medical advice.
    The forum isnt just about Tesco Clubcard Points. Its also about trying to support other people if possible.

    So sorry to read this melroccan, no practical help i'm afraid but hope he manages to get some sort of relief soon.
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    Sorry to hear hubby is in pain again Next Tuesday is a long time to wait, can you ring daily to see if they have emergency appointments free, may mean seeing another doctor though. Is the transplant unit still supportive?

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    ow is hubby this week? Did you get any joy with the GP?

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    Not really he has given him ulcer medication and antibiotics but if anything the pain has increased. If he is the same today I will be taking him back but tbh we are both losing faith in them finding out what the problem is this time, looks like another round of scans, endoscopy etc. and it all takes forever while he is still in pain every day (some days are a little better than others). It is hard on all of us to see him like this. I am thinking of a trip to A&E but last time we did that they stuck a tube up his nose into his stomach and kept him off food for 3 days with me constantly fighting to make sure he got his meds as he had TB then! Not inspiring.

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    I am so sorry to hear there is no improvement I can understand why you have lost faith in the NHS. Keep bothering the GP until something gets done. I hope you get answers soon x

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    Any improvement in hubbies condition? Often think of you (())

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    Thanks for asking, have sent you a PM so as not to bore anyone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by melroccan View Post
    Thanks for asking, have sent you a PM so as not to bore anyone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tyroleandancer View Post
    I'm not bored at all. This is the right section AND if I am not interested I would just jog on.

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