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Thread: When Do You Put Your Christmas Decorations Up?

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    Talking When Do You Put Your Christmas Decorations Up?

    We normally put them up the 2nd weekend in December but we are visiting our daughter at Uni next weekend so we have started putting them up today

    How about you?
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    Usually 7-10 days before Christmas. We have a real tree and they dry out if they are up for too long, even with regular watering.

    We also leave our decorations up until Twelfth Night. I know some people who put them up earlier than we do but take them down on Boxing Day!

    The outside lights go up whenever OH gets round to doing it. Generally earlier than the indoor stuff though.

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    I am thinking next weekend here, checked the tree last night and it is missing a leg lol!

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    I started today. If I'm putting them up I want to maximise the pleasure and return on my effort by having them up as long as possible. Live tree? - OK would leave that a while longer, but no reason why everything else shouldn't go up. I even started playing Christmas CDs in the car a few days ago!

    Advent starts in just over 6 hours on Sunday 2 December after all !

    Bah Humbugs are for sucking .... over on MSE there's a rumour they will be BOGOF at Tesco throughout Advent, so get there early tomorrow.

    Merry Christmas Everyone !

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    Our outdoor lights have gone up today, tree goes up tomorrow, don't think i've ever done them this early b4 & if I had my way they wouldn't be up for another week but 8 yr old dd is so excited & begging me to get the tree down.

    Don't feel at all ready this year probably cos I'm working but also cos the glitches have kept me busy for the last 3 months as well, December has kind of crept up on me.
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    We usually put them up a week before christmas but also leave them up until the twelth night. I hate taking them down as it looks all bare! Got some bargain blue icicle lights to hang off the fascia from b and q last year. All my christmas decorations are blue and silver which are oh and my favourite colours. We have had this colour for 30 years and I think its come back in fashion as lots of store have got this colour in this year! Used to have a real tree when the kids were little don't think we could afford one with the price they are now! Still have gots lots of chocolates which I couldn't have afforded years ago(lol)!

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    Put mine up today, it's normally the first weekend in December... Am loving it right now, all cosy and Christmassy - though I love it even more when I take them down and the place looks clean again! xx

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    was supposed to be putting up CCTV and lights today - however Mr Stroppy well the name says it all ..........
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    usually around the 20th lol but this year we are having xmas on the 22nd cos all our kids are away so prob about the 15th
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    my mum passed away on the 9th December so usually put decorations on or after that date

    my daughter & i counted 56 houses with theirs already up on our bus route home tonight............ two of them have been up since the 15th November

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