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Thread: When Do You Put Your Christmas Decorations Up?

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    As I got soooooooooo nearly divorced over the weekend I guess that must mean the decorations are finally up

    I hate doing the decs - and will put them off and off and off - but DH always thinks they need to go up the 1st of December - hence our annual lovers tiff lol.

    Next "divorce" disagreement will be when they come down.........

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    i put mine up today
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    We didn't put a tree up last year, plenty of tinsel etc dotted around, but we had a 6 month old puppy and we have a very small living room, so it would have been very hard to have a nice tree in a nice place. This year we will have a small tree, probably though it will not go up for another fortnight... two of our kids are away at uni and not due back until the of them likes to feel she is literally the "spirit of Xmas" and she is the one that usually puts the tree up and decorates it, so we may even wait until she comes home - I guess most of you have young children still living at home, which makes the decorations more important/special for you all. I am not a bah humbug (well not totally) but years of stress and money worries when my hubby worked in the building industry has put a dampner on Xmas for us - anyone self employed in the building industry knows that if you are not working on a long contract by late September then Christmas can be very difficult, as most of December can be slim pickings, so to speak and often sites do not open up again, or new contracts start until the 2nd week in January.

    I digress! mine will go up around the 20/21st and come down around the 2nd January... I love the pretty-ness but am always happy to have a good spring clean and tidy up before I go back to work.
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    I agree with you made in Devon about the SE in the building trade, it can be difficult I think I've adjusted to it over the years but it does take some doing.

    I manage to exchange contracts on my house yesterday and will be completing next Monday
    I have said I can't be bothered with decs,trees but having cancelled the Xmas cake making, I don't think I will be popular.
    I have decided not to send cards this year, I've always wanted to stop it, this year I have a good excuse

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    mine went up last saturday much to my eldest sons disgust as i usually wait till after his birthday which was on wednesday. i tend to put them up when i feel the energy to do it, no special day just when i can be bothered.
    i said to OH if i dont do it today i might not feel like it again and then i will be rushing to do it nearer xmas when kids start nagging! ive only put the tree up though and a candle bridge and little tree in the front window, all the rest of the boxes of xmassy stuff are still in the loft!
    Had to get a smaller tree last year because the little man kept pulling the big tree over last year so the little tree has come out again this year because it was easier.
    ive really cut down on xmas cards i send etc as i just dont see the point anymore!
    just send them to relatives and 1 friend lol
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    When Do You Put Your Christmas Decorations Up? Today!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Made in Devon View Post
    We didn't put a tree up last year, plenty of tinsel etc dotted around, but we had a 6 month old puppy
    i'm not even attempting to put up the tree this year either our 7 month old pup has already tried to pull down the tinsel i did put around the mirror and picture frames in the livingroom and she even tried to get the kids advent calender off the wall tonight

    finally got round to writing and delivering some Christmas cards today as well

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    Got the tree up on Saturday, but didn't manage to put the decorations on until Sunday!

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    I put the tree up, with a couple of hundred flashy lights, over 2 weeks ago. But I haven't adorned it with baubles or tinsel yet. I'm so used to its elegant simplicity I don't think I'll bother with the baubles now - it would probably be Boxing Day anyway before I got a round tuit.

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    Managed to put tree up on Saturday, with about 100 baubles and a couple of sets of lights, chucked all the tinsel away as have got fed up with it, still looks OK. Impressed with selves as it has been known to go up as late as three nights before Xmas.

    I guess this one will be bald by twelfth night with more needles on the floor than on the tree
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