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Thread: Any BHS codes or discounts etc?

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    Default Any BHS codes or discounts etc?

    I just wondered if anyone knows of any BHS codes or discounts?

    Or something similar to this.

    On my eldests wish list is this double duvet set
    Blue Henly duvet set

    Its ?25, not too bad. On the website it says free delivery today so I could go through top cash to get some cashback. I am worried about how long it will
    take to deliver though as we are going to be more out of the house than in after this week - trying to sort all of Christmas out this week

    I suppose in theory I could order it but also see if I can get one in town when I am this week and then take it back if the other one arrives on time.

    Im keeping the cost to a minimum as Ive already paid for their London hotel for their weekend away and I have also got her some jewlery but she just needs something now to open on Christmas day
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    Its 30% off weekend this weekend if that helps, not sure if its online or just instore and what it covers but i saw the ad on tv last night.
    I havent seen a code knocking about though xx
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