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Thread: Christmas day lunch ideas

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    Default Christmas day lunch ideas

    Well starter is all sorted but after some ideas for main course for just the two of us, did gammon in the slow cooker last year.
    Need some ideas, easy to cook and ready when OH gets back from family visit. Seen some ready to roast joints in Iceland.
    Any suggestions?

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    Three or four bird roast? Otherwise those normal ready to roast joints can be fab. A top notch scotch steak each? A beef joint?
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    Cheers dom, thought 3 bird joint, just wanting something easy so I can chilll out before serving.
    Slow cooker was ideal last year as stress free.

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    Take a look at my dtd thread for Finest Gammon joint..................

    Delicious and cheap??????

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    Whats your starter? Are you having pudding?

    Do you want a traditional roast type meal or do you want to go for something completely different? - curry, scallops and black pudding, luxury fish pie?

    What about a casserole you could do in the slow cooker? Something like venison with red wine and chestnuts would be Christmassy.

    Or a pheasant, breast covered in bacon would be quick and easy to roast. You could serve with red cabbage (made a day or two before) potatoes and parsnips prepped the day before ready to roast and some green beans.

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    What about a festive herring?

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    Stater is fish, crab prawns lobster.

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    We'll be having traditional Turkey on Christmas day. But on Xmas eve we'll be having the most delish festive lamb casserole you can imagine, made by a family member. I thought it was a Delia recipe, but having searched I think it could well be this one from Antony Worral-Thompson.

    The prunes, the port, and dried cranberries are essential imo, and I'd probably add a little more of these than the recipe says! The orange zest also makes it special. Takes a little effort but a great benefit is that it tastes even better made a couple of days ahead - on the day just warm it up and if need be keep it waiting for an hour or so on a low setting in the slow cooker if you wish. To make it look more festive you can also add a few fresh cranberries if liked for the last 15 or so minutes before serving - they do nothing for the taste, just perk up the look a bit.
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    Brace of Pheasant? Never had it my self but if just 2 would def consider Have a great day whatever you decide
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    Quote Originally Posted by oldvicar View Post
    I thought it was a Delia recipe, but having searched I think it could well be this one from Antony Worral-Thompson.
    This sounds delish - I've cut and pasted the recipe and sent it to myself in an email and am going to give it a go. We are having our big Christmas meal on Sun 23rd (we're visiting rellies on C Eve coming back on C Day) and was looking for something else to go alongside the Christmas food bundle I've ordered from M&S. So turkey crown and lamb.... sorted!

    Have a rep!

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