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Thread: Do You Cruise Or Career Towards Christmas?

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    Cruiser here too. We have a cooked dinner about 5 times a week so I'll just add some stuffing balls, roast potatoes and pigs in blankets. Have half a, well fed with brandy, matured since February, Christmas cake (from Delia last Christmas).

    Not sure what meat we're going to have - whatever whoopsied we can find - however I've beef, chicken and ham in freezer if we don't find anything.
    Not going to stress it at all.

    Already started calling friends we haven't seen in a while - I don't do cards & haven't done in years, since mum passed and I was always drafted in to write & send her cards - all 200+ of them! Swore after she passed I'd never do that again!

    Family is in US so they will get calls & hopefully Skype on Christmas day or maybe day before or after, depending on where they are going. My family (cousins) here will get calls this weekend & we'll meet up over the hols when we'll inundate them with our Asda choccy & biscuits specials - which I shouldn't have bought.

    A relaxing Christmas IF we're still all here after Friday - my husbands' 60th birthday- he was born on 21st Dec 1952 at 5.11pm in US - which is 11.11GMT - the EXACT time the Mayan calandar ends according to many.

    Merry Christmas everyone & if we don't make it have a happy rapture or end of the world as we know it time.
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    Criused it too, two gifts to wrap, gammon and veg to buy but all else done here.

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