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Thread: Happy Christmas and a Good New Year.

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    Merry Christmas everyone

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    Happy Christmas to all PTSers.

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    Hope everyone is having a lovely day. Merry Christmas to all!!
    Must take phone to bed, must take phone to bed, must take phone to bed......

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    Happy Christmas to all my fellow PTS friends here's hoping 2013 will bring some great glitches.

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    Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year!

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    Had such a busy lovely day yesterday that there wasn't time to visit PTS. So I hope you all had a very happy Christmas, are enjoying Boxing Day and will have a glitch filled new year!

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    we are currently "trading food" on our local community site on Facebook - got rid of half of my precooked gammon in exchange for some party food ... seems a great way of swapping stuff so you dont get bored!
    Changes .... PTS is going through Changes ...

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    Merry Christmas everyone xXx

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