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Thread: Christmas Eve bargains

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    Got some lovely things in Waitrose Bury St Eds yesterday - huge slab of pork and egg pie for ?2, iced Christmas cake from ?17 to ?5.99 and other meats from the deli. Was very content - even more content now hubby is cooking lunch!

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    Not a good year for last minute bargains. Asda had reduced a miserly 1.25kg turkey crown to ?13.50 from ?20 - this was our Christmas lunch. Nice but way overpriced - although can't complain as I had a ?16 APG (oops) and a fiver one. Bought some ww and 3 Vinnie round tins that were glitching - so paid a grand total of ?8 for that, a finest trifle for ?3.50 reduced from ?8 - very nice!, some veggies etc. Had a ?10 APG back too.

    Really couldn't complain - the meal was nice and still plenty for tomorrow.

    Sainsburys had nothing, nowt, nada.

    The reductions guy in Asda gave us the nod that boxing day will be carp for reductions on meats etc. but they have a load of stock in the back & 27th and 28th should be good if we want crowns etc. We have little room in the freezer but 2 or 3 crowns I'm sure I could make space for.

    He did tell us that there would be good reductions on chocolates - somehow reductions on those now hold NO interest whatsoever to us.

    Roll on the next glitch - hopefully on 'proper' food.
    NO more Tescos for me and 'customer service?' by Basil Fawlties - WHY didn't they let them watch the WHOLE of the training DVD's?

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