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Thread: Amex Glitch

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    Quote Originally Posted by baconbap View Post
    Some people on flyertalk seem to be getting their dysons.

    They are, but we had our 2nd (big) batch of ?50 tesco vouchers order cancelled and the points returned

    Some people's are still showing as "In progress"
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    OH's dysons are still in progress.

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    Hooray both my Dysons arrived today.

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    Wow - lucky you!

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    Quote Originally Posted by zoebusher View Post
    Hooray both my Dysons arrived today.
    Fantastic. OH's are going to his work and he's working at home today.

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    Yay, OH brought home his 5 dysons today. Keeping one and one of his work colleagues is having one, though they haven't discussed money yet.

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    OH has sold 4 of the dysons and kept one. Just the grillits to sell now.

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