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Thread: Supermarket Shoppers Dream Bag!

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    Quote Originally Posted by pumpkin View Post
    Have to agree Georgie, I keep all my bags inside a bag for life and not sure how a trolley tolley thingy, lovely as they look, would really serve any better purpose??
    Phew I am glad it is not only me. I was begining to think I was a tight wadge.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wishes View Post
    Nice idea however a bit steeply priced. I use the SHAW bags - Truly wonderful at 25p each - hessian with plastic backing. Got 12 of them so always have some in the car. Holds as much as 3-4 normal carrier bags & have a great woven strap long enough to go over your shoulder. Use for sorting laundry etc. too as 1 bagful is the ideal size load for washing machine.
    Can I ask where you buy the Shaw bags from please?


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    Shaws drapers shops. Don't know if they are located in your area? There are loads in Wales, also in West country.
    Wonderful shops - their towels are unbeatable prices & quality - often egyptian cotton. They last forever - I've left many bath sheets behind with family from US to Australia - they're better than 95% of others. Their bedding is too + they do curtains and all drapery supplies.
    I believe they are still an independant shop.
    Their sales are something else - always great bargains & great quality.
    The hessian bags I think are always 25p each - although I did pick them up when sales were on. I do think I bought 4 when they weren't on though for ?1.
    Shaws have been going for many years. I think I can remember them trading for at least 30yrs, probably longer.
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    Makes perfect sense, put your purse/wallet, bank cards, loyalty cards, keys etc into the bag, then hang it loosely on the trolley whilst you turn your back for 5 minutes packing all your shopping!

    I can see the use for the product, although it's not a lot different to what I already do, which is stick a bunch of carrier bags into a larger Bag for Life and take that with me/leave in the boot, keeping my money/keys/cards a lot safer inside my coat. Plus this method saves a lot more cash!

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    It really is a matter of whatever works best for you

    With the best will in the world, I never remembered my bags for life etc but I do now remember my trolley dolly which I refer to as my 'cow bag' (it has a cow print design)

    I too wouldn't keep my purse, mobile in it as I leave it in the boot of our car when not in use but I do keep my loyalty cards and money off coupons in it

    I've had mine for a couple of weeks now and I am a lot more organised (I needed to be ) and can't live without it
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    Just had an email for a trolley dolly offer if anyone still interested.

    ZPM website until 10/3

    CANDYDOT30 gives 30% off trolley dolly but only in pink candy dot design. Makes it ?24.49 + ?2.95 delivery

    Not a stunning offer but if it's what someone was waiting for.

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