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Thread: TCB app - Snap & Save - supermarket purchase cashback!

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    Quote Originally Posted by rosy798 View Post
    Morning all, I think this is great, have already brought several of the items, but when I try to get the receipt onto the site it says photo is too big. I tried to do it on the lappie but the site is so slow my connection is lost. I now use tethering as losing broadband was something I had to do when OH was made redundant. Can anyone help at all with sizing photo please? As you can see I am not techie at all!!!!!
    Do you have an image editor on your laptop, like Paintshop or Gimp? You'll be able to resize the photo in there.

    If not, you could try something like this

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    Even the basic mspaint now comes with a resize option.

    Look in your accessories group in windows to find it, or start - run - mspaint

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    This looks good... already filled up yesterday but hopefully able to squeeze a £20 purchase in by the deadline...

    Any Fuel - Spend £20 and get £2 cashback

    Terms & Conditions
    - Purchases from the following stores are eligible for cashback: Tesco, Morrisons, Sainsburyís, Asda, the Co-operative, Esso and Shell.
    - The following items must be clearly visible on the photo of your receipt:
    - The date and time of purchase
    - The Supermarket name
    - The item purchased thatís eligible for cashback

    Please snap your receipt safely, do not use your phone while driving or on a forecourt.

    You may fold your receipt before snapping it to ensure that you can fit all of the above in to the photo.
    - Offer valid 14.02.13 Ė 21.02.13
    - Offer valid for any type of fuel.
    - Purchases made online will not be eligible for cashback, so you must snap a receipt that youíve obtained in-store at the above supermarkets.
    - Items can only be claimed once per receipt, and each receipt can only be used by one member for each offer.
    - You may only redeem this offer once in a 7 day period.
    - You must snap and submit your receipt before the offer expires on the date shown above.
    - The date shown on your snapped receipt must also be within the offer period above.
    - After youíve submitted your receipt, your cashback may take up to 7 days to be added to your TopCashback Account.
    Also, if anyone else without a supported smart phone has been waiting and not yet aware Snap & Save is now available directly on the TCB website - no longer need to use the mobile apps!

    PS. Perhaps it would be possible to remove "app" from the topic title... to help encourage more PTS members to try out Snap & Save now?

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    That's a shame as I usually buy my fuel online....
    Those who think they know it all are very annoying to those of us who actually do.

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    Thanks everyone suddenly it worked.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dominic View Post
    That's a shame as I usually buy my fuel online....

    Yeah! Me too Dom - but think I'll make an exception for the cashback

    By the way - Best wishes & Congratulations to you & Polo

    Just clicked through to the offer & It says you only need to buy £10 - so plenty of time up to 21st to get 3 or 4 lots of £10 in? & spread the receipts around different accounts?
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    we are new to topcashback
    going to have a go at the petrol first, £2 off £10 spend it says for me on my homepage? (not £20)

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    Does anyone know if Tesco Express receipts are valid as Tesco Supermarket please?

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    I did a Sainsburys activia youghurts upload last night. It's a nightmare trying to get all the info in the photo, on a Sainsburys receipt, as they print on both sides! Looking forward to trying the petrol one now.
    I love PTS but I want my garage back!

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    Do you think with the fuel you can buy a minimum of £10 or does it have to be £10 exact. I wish the wording would be more explicit!
    I love PTS but I want my garage back!

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