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Thread: Shopitize

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    Yep seems back to normal now. I picked up lots of items from Morrisons today and had no issues with the receipt; cashback awarded by the robot straight away.

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    Strange as I tried to upload a receipt earlier and done exactly that same as yesterday. Ended up sending a pic of my receipt in.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mhoc View Post
    oddly they are asking people what their phone is - does it actually matter, its not our phones that are the problem.

    I can see this dragging on and not being resolved before next Friday

    I had a list of useful bits to get from Morrisons - soup, shower gel and hot chocolate etc. Morrisons tends to end its offer prices on Sunday so thye have 2 days to sort the issues out. I am not risking getting this list until I know for sure receipts are being processed.
    I have had loads of problems in the past with Shopitize and they put it down to my phone not being compatible with their app, I have a Sony Experia E4. I used to have problems with at least 1/3 of my receipts and I almost stopped using the app, but seem to have found a way around it and I rarely have problems now so I am not sure what they say about my phone is actually right I think they just fobbed me of with that reason.

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    Quote Originally Posted by whisky View Post
    Strange as I tried to upload a receipt earlier and done exactly that same as yesterday. Ended up sending a pic of my receipt in.
    same here, lots of reports of receipts sent for review being accepted within an hour but still no joy here.

    I gave up uploading yesterday and sent both mine and OHs for review.
    this morning I tried with a milk receipt - just the one item and its hanging at 100% but not going to processed so tomorrow I will send them a photo via email.
    more milk bought today so I will try OHs phone in the morning.

    both phones are old iphone 4 and both used for Shopotize for a long while.

    I had a Morrisons list of things to get for Shopotize but it was not worth the risk of getting anything.
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    Just seen this on HUKD

    You have to buy the ciders individually, but they work out at 19p a bottle

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    Also on cos for free

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    If you buy 3 different flavours from tesco they will except 3 off one receipt but you have to do 3 different transaction claims on shopitize if you follow ?? I've just done it and had them accepted. Also they are 3 for ?5

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    I did 6 in one purchase for ?10 and have been paid ?2 from SZ
    Still waiting for COS

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    Offer now gone from shopitize

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