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    Default Stella - fab

    Well I blinkin loved Stella
    It was fab, soooo funny.
    I will miss it.
    Hope it comes back for a third series.

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    Love it! Have a soft spot for Sean, and Rob come to mention it, what a decision! ;-) There's a Christmas special too. I even went to the house in October. Had a friend visiting so we thought we would do Stella country lol!

    3rd series already commisioned.

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    Aunty Brenda - Fish pedicure, it's all the rage.

    Alan - Goldfish? Thought they had to be a special type?

    Aunty Brenda - Fish are fish and feet are feet Al. Take it easy, I felt two pop like bubble wrap when I stepped in

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    I've never heard of it. Oh... I see it's one Sky 1!

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    Where is Marmaliser? He would love it
    Hubby had a birthday card off Di Botcher one year(Auntie Brenda) - my mother knows her.
    We laughed out loud at that bit Sue
    Sarah if you liked Gavin and Stacey you will like Stella.
    Very welsh

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