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Thread: Goldsmiths - emailed codes - coming soon

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    Quote Originally Posted by Petermo View Post
    No I've had a go this morning, the till won't let them accept both online and paper or two online though I could try to buy three things and return, thanks

    Hi Petermo.

    How did you get on ?

    I notice other rewards allow more that one code/token to be used

    Look forward to hearing what you did or plan to do.

    Cheers, Roger...

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    This is why I just keep the bigger clubcard vouchers.
    Find something I want, convert them. Got two years to convert them.
    Just drip-feed my Virgin & BA to keep them expiring. Unless there is a good promo on.
    But they are always changing the T&C's 'Every Little Helps'

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    Has anyone done a large conversion on this new " one off code " to buy a product ?

    If yes, how much approx, did it take a long time, any security checks that you know of ?

    I would like to buy a hi cost item, but worried a large conversion may get some checks on my account and they may say I have been outside the spirit of the rules.

    Any help most welcome. Roger....

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    How much are you thinking of changing up?

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    Quote Originally Posted by steve1975l View Post
    How much are you thinking of changing up?
    A lot !!!

    In the past, I've done many many small conversions, then just pitch up at the partner and get the items I want/need using, I have heard all the comments from the staff, they do any checks and I get the item/items.

    Say for example I was to convert 2,000 tesco in to 6,000 goldsmiths, I fear my account may find a security check being done and tesco will pick holes in the way and amount of some items I buy and my account will be jacked !!!

    Hum, what to do ??? Roger (thinking)

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    Simple really don't change over ?2000 to ?6000 in one go.

    Buy lower ticket items, if you are buying to sell on you can probably still make it work for you if you do research on what will sell at a reasonable margin.
    Money frees you from doing things you dislike. Since I dislike doing nearly everything, money is handy - Groucho Marx

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    He wants to buy an expensive watch I think. I don't think the margins are that good. I say go for it, fingers crossed.

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    Can you afford to lose it all Roger? I think the world has moved on, you might need to consider changing for a decent holiday via BA or Avios where you can still change up small amounts.

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    Maybe wait for a 4x and buy and sell a few bits on eBay. Then hopefully you can buy for cash via a cash back site or Avios is 8 points per ? but have double points sometimes.

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    I wood not like to loose any points/rewards etc etc.

    But when a partner just accepts one code, I'm worried, I guess there are a few reasons why this has started, just think back a few ago years with motorpoint !!! can I convert 5k in to a 20k car please ???

    I like picking up easy points when it suits me, then getting hi cost single items that have good value for me, MP and GS were just up my road all day long, but now they gone.

    With much stuff now gone to X3, even double up seems an ok option, but double up choice is getting smaller of late.

    I will ponder and do some more thinking....


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