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    Just wondered if anyone knows if we will be able to buy a US SIM for my phone at the airport or has anyone bought them online from here before they travelled? Many thanks.

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    go on and search H2O Prepaid SIM - you can normally get one for 99p.

    If you prepay the seller another $10, they could load $10 onto the card, and activate it for you before posting to UK. Ask if they will do this and ask what phone number was assigned.

    Then as soon as you come to USA, you put the SIM in your phone, and it works right away.

    I have a permanent H2O SIM as I travel often to USA, but a few years ago I used to do exactly as I describe above with no problems.

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    it may seem obvious but check your phone is compatible I didn't and had a working sim but my phone wouldn't work out there

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    You need a tri or preferably quad band phone for US.

    Have NEVER seen Sims for sale at an airport in US. You can buy off amazon too - sometimes less expensively than ebay.

    We bought an AT&T or one that can use AT&T netork - it came preloaded with $30 or so. From memory you use $2 a day of credit only when you use and that covers all calls within the US that day. You can also buy internet too. Works for us as we could phone friends & family in US and give them our new number to ring us. Actually thinking about it we went last time for one that just charged per call as we were constantly flitting between 1 daughter & the next one as Molly was getting married. Over there you also on lots of tarriffs pay to receive calls too.

    I was just thinking - don't know if new phones give free wireless connections?? Nearly always managed it in depths of MS and LA on my Kindle. If they do how about something called Nonoh. - We use this ALL the time for calls to family/friends in US (hubby is from US), not to mention Australia etc. It gives you 120 FREE days of calls - max 200min a week - for 10 Euros +tax (about ?10.50 when we topped up last week). The credit of ?10 stays on & you can use this up when your free days run out.

    Nonoh is wonderful as we gave our login details to the daughters & friends too so they can call us for free. We also use for daytime calls here - free in the 120days.
    It saves us a fortune & also means anyone anywhere can call us for free too.

    Forgot to say - we activated ours from here via website the day before we flew off. Be careful if someone activates for you as it depends on the way it's set up as to when your credit runs out. Have set up in the past at our 1st airport touchdown with no problems.

    Wonder if Nonoh would work? - we don't use those fancy phones BUT it's worth someone giving it a go - your 1st call can be done free.
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    Thanks to you all, I have a HTC wildfire so will have to make sure it'll work - great point and advice, thanks again.

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