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    .. well we're all fans of bargains etc in here and no doubt more of you sign up to Wocher ; groupon type deals. Whilst I am by no means a prude I am rather surprised to find an email from Wowcher for a Swingers Break !! Mind you two nights for ?99 for two sounds cheap - although it doesnt say if there are any meals included - LOL

    We?re offering you a 2-night swingers break for 2 for just ?99, saving you up to 45% off The Vanilla Alternative's price of up to ?180.

    Based in Bedfordshire, The Vanilla Alternative is the ideal destination for a saucy break from the mundanity of daily life. You and one lucky companion will head to the popular venue where you will rest your heads in a tastefully decorated, en-suite, double bedroom with all the usual amenities and a deluxe, double-ended bath. However, try not to get too comfortable in your rooms as your 2-night escape promises plenty of activities to keep you occupied. With a huge hot tub, open and private play areas, a fully licensed bar and a host of regular guests, The Vanilla Alternative promises a sexy but sophisticated haven to explore your deepest desires with a host of like-minded folk.

    With today?s deal, you?ll also get 2 nights entry into the play club; a safe space where you can choose to unleash your inner vixen as you partake in anything from a ?live buffet? to erotic dance or a fetish dungeon. Each play area has a strict dress code, so if you attend, be prepared to dress up (or down as the case may be). If you?ve never experienced a swinging environment, never fear as The Vanilla Alternative promises a pressure free zone where you can choose as much or little involvement as you feel comfortable with. Whatever you choose to do, we are certain that these are 2 nights that you?ll never forget.
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    Bloomin 'eck. Is that what they get up to down south?

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    Have you booked then Giz?!
    Those who think they know it all are very annoying to those of us who actually do.

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    Wow. Made me laugh when I read you signature as well!
    People say Plz as it is shorter than saying please, so I feel justified in saying no as it is shorter than yes.

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    Think I will pass on this one, what a strange offer!

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    Quote Originally Posted by mummytotwo View Post
    Wow. Made me laugh when I read you signature as well!
    haha could be very apt in the cirumstances

    Quote Originally Posted by Dominic View Post
    Have you booked then Giz?!
    was just about to PM you to see
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    Thought i was seeing things when i browsed their daily deal earlier i have a ?5 credit from wowcher. Think i'll pass on this though

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    Ewwww The Live Buffet didn't look all that hygienic

    I was just about to have Pasta Bol followed by fruit salad, but I think I might pass on the fruit salad.
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    Haha. Did you see the one on there the other week for a city break to Chernobyl of all places?

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