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    They have a good sense of humour over at imutual. Following the current trend of other 100% cashback sites divisively splitting their customers into two tiers imutual today announced new "superior" and "inferior" levels of membership!

    Read all about it here (spoof):

    At just ?4.99 per year it apparently costs 1p less than rivals Quidco Premium and TopCashback Plus however imutual "Superior" membership is only available to the over 75s and must be applied for in person accompanied by all four grandparents! lol

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    Very funny and worth a read - thanks for sharing.
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    Very clever - how many of us are imutual members ?
    Also proud to be a Yam Yam !

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mosaic View Post
    Very clever - how many of us are imutual members ?
    Well... I am!

    It's quite a nice little cashback site with a good few "daily clicks" as well as "easy cashback" offers (free registrations & free trials) for folks who enjoy doing those. Some of imutual's everyday cashback rates are marginally higher than the bigger sites, so I often check them and might either click through imutual or use TCB and get them to match the rate using their Highest Cashback Guarantee.

    You also get free shares with imutual, which aren't currently worth anything (not tradeable) but who knows might have some value one day.

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    I am also daily clicking, to the value of 36p a day
    Is a Scorpio and is going to stay a scorpio

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    Thanks, very funny, never heard of imutual before, may now look into it further.

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    Quote Originally Posted by akh46 View Post
    Thanks, very funny, never heard of imutual before, may now look into it further.
    I've been a member since it started a couple of years ago - GREAT site

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    Just for interest - they're currently advertising Living Social as 20% cashback until 29th July and apparently there's also triple Tesco Clubcard points until 19th July:

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    Anyone still doing daily clicks here ?
    Only managed 13p yesterday and stuck at 11p today as another merchant gone.

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    I generally don't click any less than 4p or ones that take more than a few moments to earn the cashback, which just leaves me with High Street Web and Cheap Travel. On a good day High Street Web pays twice, so that's up to 13p a day for me.

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