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    Quote Originally Posted by markat View Post
    Anyone still doing daily clicks on imutual? A lot of them have vanished now.
    Some are still there but you need to go shareholders+ forum- Daily clicks change to find links.

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    Great thanks Tony.

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    imutual have now automatically awarded and paid my ?32 cashback for Booty Pirates!

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    Booty Pirates has now closed - if you've received a bank credit from GEO24 UK LIMITED today it's them returning your remaining funds.

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    I really like mutual for daily clicks. Travel Supermarket allows 3 searches a day at a maximum of 15p each. An easy 45p per day from there and others bring me to around 75p per day.

    Also I used on mutual twice last year. The cash back was paid out before I even went on either holiday

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    I used to do daily clicks but most of the time forget, i mutual is good as a back up cash back site also as I've found cb retailers on there which are no longer on tcb etc.

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    I'm back on it now - the Travel Supermarket makes it worthwhile as a daily click.
    2 x car hire + 2 x holiday = 50p a day.

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    Strangely it stated 30p a click on TCB, I got 25p?

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    On TCB it's -

    30p for car hire
    25p for holidays

    Maximum of two per day accros both searches.

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    A lot of Travel Supermarket clicks have gone payable today on Imutual.
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