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Thread: Whose Watching Britain's Got Talent?

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    Talking Whose Watching Britain's Got Talent?

    Whose Watching Britain's Got Talent?

    Excellent final tonight.

    Really can't decide who is going to win as we are really torn in our family.

    We have voted for Jack Carroll and Steve Hewlett.

    How about you?
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    Is there still time to vote?

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    It has been Attraction for me for weeks now but I loved Jack Carroll as well, and the ventriloquist and Francine Lewis - basically bored of the singing & dancing now I liked the ones that made me laugh tonight.

    Anyway, voted Attraction - knew they would win as soon as i saw them.
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    First time seeing Attraction for me tonight. Thought they were great and the Queen will enjoy it. Just wish it was British talent.

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    We saw Steve Hewlett at Thursford Christmas Spectacular three years ago. Loved him. Seemed odd to see him on TV and know him from when he was more unknown and so pleased for him to get into the final. I hope this launches his career to new heights.

    All the acts were great towards the end of the competition - it does my head in early on but very good quality acts last night.
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