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Thread: Herbal sleeping pills ?

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    Default Herbal sleeping pills ?

    Anyone recommend any herbal based sleeping pills ?

    Have tried some call " Night Herb " which are Valerian based ( I thought valerian was a top quality steel, but have been watching Game of thrones too much )

    Been waking @ 530 am ish most days, though do usually go to bed 11pm ish, so maybe getting enough hours anyway, and this time of year it starts getting light around then, plus the ****** seagulls are waking up as well .

    I did do a job that involved early starts, though that was 4 yrs ago now, dunno whether that messed up my " body clock" somehow.

    Anyway, don't think the Night Herb tablets are doing much, so ill maybe try another brand, though if they are all valerian based might not be worth it.

    Definitely don't want go to the quack and get the hardcore sleeping drugs.
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    How dark is your bedroom? We have just had a blackout blind fitted behind our cream curtains and it seems to cut back on waking too early.

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    I'd be happy with 6 hours every night! Usually it's 5-6 but on a bad night it's 4-5.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dominic View Post
    I'd be happy with 6 hours every night! Usually it's 5-6 but on a bad night it's 4-5.
    You are well prepared for your new role as a Dad then Dom. If Polo is breast feeding its never too early for a cuppa!

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    I had thought that lol. I've worked shifts for the best part of 16 years and luckily rarely have trouble getting to sleep but often wake after a few hours and can't sleep again. I'd love to be one of these people that you can't rouse from sleep but the slightest sound is enough. The last time I feel I had a deep sleep was several years ago when we came back from Oz, went to bed mid afternoon and woke with a start at 9pm. Polo's Dad had phoned several times in the hour before as we had said we would go around at 1930 for a light meal but we hadn't heard a thing!

    I'm often asleep but hear the alarm go off - ie am aware of it actually starting to ring.
    Those who think they know it all are very annoying to those of us who actually do.

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    I'm lucky to get 5-6 but know how awful I feel with the lack of sleep I sympathise.
    Try Valerian, tablet and drop form. I find the drops are better. I don't seem to be sleeping longer but I drop off to sleep a lot quicker.

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    I'll second the blackout blinds/curtains. DD1 has used Sominex in the past when desperate. Sometimes I find if I read or listen to the radio after an hour I'm ready to go sleep again other times I've just had enough, reminds me of my grand parents

    I also find blackouts are also useful to darken the bedrooms in the evening so the children can get to sleep earlier.

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    Tried all the herbal ones under the sun but no luck (might just be me) was so desperate as was down to about three maybe four hours on a good night so ended up on the zopiclone . You might be getting enough sleep anyway at nearly six hours. I think the eight hours that used to be thought the norm was a was a bit of a myth as I never found anyone who got it - and I have talked to endless folk about sleep (well lack of it really)
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    The effects of a herbal product aren't likely to differ much from a placebo, really; however since you're waking after having already had a significant amount of sleep, I'm not sure that even a prescription medicine would be of significant help to you in this situation. You may also find a doctor unwilling to prescribe, especially as the symptoms seem seasonal, except on a short term basis if there's an additional reason such as temporary job/life stress or being in recovery from surgery, etc.

    I'd suggest that you look at the usual sleeping environment and routine factors - ensure the bedroom is as dark and quiet as possible, do not drink alcohol or a stimulant (tea/coffee) or eat a significant amount before bed time, go to bed later, read a book in bed until you feel more sleepy, etc. Good luck!

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    Me for third too. Paid extra in Laura Ashley for these to be inserted into the curtains. Best thing ever.
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