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Thread: Questions You've Always Wanted To Ask On PTS But.......

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    Quote Originally Posted by zoebusher View Post
    Nice to see you today
    I still log in every day and do the admin stuff that needs doing .. any money saving / points is all taking a back burner for the foreseeable future
    Changes .... PTS is going through Changes ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by salsa View Post
    Is Markats avatar really him?
    Yes it is me, couple of years old now though that picture.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gizmos View Post
    no - and there are people on here know why i've not posted much nor been around
    Well, I hope you are ok
    Geocaching is an outdoor treasure hunting game using a GPS

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    Quote Originally Posted by far canel View Post
    Q: Does a one-legged duck swim in circles
    So you actually understand quantum physics?
    Geocaching is an outdoor treasure hunting game using a GPS

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    Quote Originally Posted by uklego View Post
    So you actually understand quantum physics?
    You're thinking of cats in boxes or is it a particle or wave. I think this more like can haggis only run round hills in one direction as one leg is shorter than the other, or, cats land on their feet, bread lands butter side down, if you butter the back of a cat.....will it float? Or maybe my lecturers were lieing and I should have studied ducks like monty python and the holy grail probably have been more use and more fun
    Must take phone to bed, must take phone to bed, must take phone to bed......

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    With reference to oldvicar I seem to recall him saying that he trained but never took up the cloth however I like to think of him as the vicar who used to be in the Communards and now appears on things like Have I Got News for You
    we must live with our enemies as if they might become friends and our friends as if they might become enemies La Bruyere

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    Well I'd like to keep up the mystery, but probably owe it to you to come clean.

    I'm not (I don't think) especially old, albeit maturing nicely. Like uklego I am just approaching 50, albeit in my case from just the other side!

    My name is not Vic or Victor.

    I have no religious conviction or connection with the Church. I certainly have never had to calling to take holy orders. The closest I've been to religion recently was a long ramble around the village with just the real Vicar and one member of the parochial church council. A very poor turnout, but it was a week past Sunday - very hot and probably more significantly there was a Tennis match on the telly in which a certain Mr Murray was successful.

    There is a reason for the username. I have previously given a clue as to what it is earlier this year when I said that I had received a signed copy of this as a lovely and appropriate Christmas present . I'm sure there's an obvious clue in the link, but please don't spell it out - there are spies watching points behaviour!

    I do sometimes like to reinforce the false assumptions PTS people have made about my username as a bit of a game - although I never actually lie. So now you know, but Ssssshhh, keep it to yourself and don't spread it beyond this thread, and now you are in on the secret you can enjoy the little word games I play all the more.

    Goodnight .... and God bless.

    Old Vic

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    lol oldvicar. I had visions of a slightly bonkers but very nice old clerical man with a sense of humour. - We actually had a vicar like this when I was younger. His wife was a teacher at a school near mine & I was always late running down our mile long steep hill to catch the bus for 4 miles and trudge up another, mile long, very steep hill to school. He always used to pick me up and suggested to mum he come and call for me as he was passing every day. Of course mum would have none of it - she probably worried I'd make his wife late too.

    I well remember going on Sunday School outings to Barry Island & my nan (holier than thou always) was dismayed to find the vicar playing the one arm bandits. A man of the cloth gambling!!! tut tut tut - said in a voice that she knew he'd hear. His responses were always amusing, he knew exactly what she was like.

    I saw you in the same ilk - PTS won't be the same now I know. lol
    NO more Tescos for me and 'customer service?' by Basil Fawlties - WHY didn't they let them watch the WHOLE of the training DVD's?

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