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Thread: A baking box for DD.

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    Default A baking box for DD.

    OK - It's very nearly September so it must be time for a Christmas related question!

    My DD (14) is baking mad. She spends holidays in Yorkshire with my sister and they spend days, literally, baking. She is glued to Great British Bake Off etc....

    I am not a baker! I have failed in everything I have ever attempted which has made me reticent to bake with my own children.

    I am not stopping her - in fact she should possibly teach me!

    So for part of her Christmas present this year I want to get her a "baking box" which can be kept in the kitchen and she will always have what she needs rather than her vaguely hoping that I have icing sugar hidden somewhere!

    I would love some ideas of what would be fun in addition to the baking basics (flour, sugar etc). I don't know - cases, shapers etc - there must be some marvellous bakers among the community here who can help me out with what would please her. I also plan to stick a Tesco gift card to the side so that is she ever fancies making something but we don't have the ingredients, she can nip off and get it.

    If you have any ideas, let me know!


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    How about a Waitrose gift card instead of a Tesco one? They have weird and amazing things, and are usually the ones who always stock the items mentioned by celebrity chefs.

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    Have a look on Amazon they have a lot of good things. I have a Kenwood kmix hand mixer I use a lot for baking until I finally get my Titanium Chef! A nice Cole & Mason mixing bowl or recently I got a blue Tala one from Wilkinson for ?6. Vanilla essence the real one in the brown bottle. Silicone rolling pin and mat for icing. Palette knife for spreading mixes and icing. Silicone spoon and scraper. There are also lots of plunger flower cutters which produce nice results, I have a daisy and gerbera set which I love and only cost a few quid on Ebay. Another item I wouldn't be without is my Lakeland icing nozzle set, it comes with a nylon bag but I always use disposable bags from Ebay. The nozzles are big so it saves time when icing cupcakes.
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    Default Pound land

    Worth a look for lovely cup cake cases and dolylies, etc.

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    I love Lakeland they have a good range of bakeware and their CS is 2nd to none .

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    My first thought was the Lakeland icing nozzle set. DIL tried lots of different types and was really pleased when she found that one.

    I would say a decent bowl and spatula, essences, tins with removable bottoms, measuring spoons and measuring jug.

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    Lovely ideas - I had forgotten about Lakeland. And you are right - I might make it a Waitrose giftcard...I think I wrote Tesco out of habit!

    Brill ideas thanks!

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    Agreed re Lakeland, even reading their catalogue inspires me, wish they would open a store here.

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    How about something to display the goodies DD produces? A beautiful cake stand and maybe a two tiered stand for smaller cakes and cupcakes.

    And what about her own matching oven gloves and apron?

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    TK Maxx always has loads of interesting baking kit/fripperies too, one of my favourite aisles in there.

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