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Thread: I must be getting old!

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    I agree with Markat, well done. I didn't start aerobics till about 40 years old and found it tremendous fun.

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    Quote Originally Posted by markat View Post
    You need a medal for that !
    Thanks ! Gimmee, Gimmee that medal !!

    I deserve it as much as 'Muttley' in "Whacky Races" (anyone old enough to remember that TV programme ??). Dick Dastardley was Muttley's prize giver ... and always desperate to STOP That Pigeon! Now!

    I actually mentioned my new found love of in one of my very rare forum posts on ... and it was featured in last week's MSE newsletter!!! Oh Yes, I am famous now.

    PB smashing is my new sport

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    Same age as OP, 2 grown up kids from 1st marriage who have both been thru uni and working in different parts of country... well in my son's case he is teaching English on Thailand, having not been able to get the obvious role from sports journalism degree, daughter is a qualified dentist up in Sheffield - not bad for 2 kids from a working class background, though I tell them they have inherited my grammar school genes

    Have a 10yr old as well with my wife, who is starting to answer back a lot - the 10yr old that is

    I honestly feel age is a mental thing, I still feel like i'm 18 in my head.. went to see a punk gig the other week with mate who is in 20's and we get on fine ( supporting same footy team helps... ) still like to gamble and drink to excess occasionally, do loads of paddle-boarding ( surfing for old gits as I call it )
    Sure the body is creaking a bit, feels like arthritis in one knee ( had new cruciate years ago ) and in hand where I bust a tendon, have to wear specs for driving and telly, and could do with losing a stone, but overall I feel fit and healthy enough.
    I have worked with folks who seem old in outlook, way,way before their time, and I don't ever want to be like that.....
    Away from the numbers

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