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Thread: New Mattress reqd

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    Wasn't really sure which forum to put this in - but I've plumped for this one. As per the title I'm looking for a new mattress - and having done some basic research - I can see that there are a range of different types of mattress ranging in price quite a lot.
    I'm only looking for a single mattress - but it's not for a child - so I don't really want to go for a real cheap one - however, I don't really want to pay too much - over ?100 scares me quite a bit - but it seems that is what I need to pay.

    Anyway - a memory foam mattress doesn't appear to grab my attention too much - but then I don't really just want to stick to the basic Coil Spring - so the next level up appears to be pocket springs.
    Cut a long story short - I found this one on the Sainsburys website:

    It appears to be the best of both worlds - pocket springs and bit of foam on top - and my Dad works for Sainsburys - so I should be able to get 10% off (staff discount) and it's free delivery - Argos can charge ?9 for theirs and Tesco seem to charge ?5 for theirs. However, I was also looking for a Sainsburys discount code - no such luck - it appears they only do them for groceries. Anyone ever seen a Sainsburys "direct" discount code?

    So - that would be my starting point - however, I can also get staff discount at Tesco and I've also found a ?15 off ?75 code that works on my account - however, I cannot find a similar mattress - in fact, Tesco's range appears to be poor or expensive.

    Just going by price, this appears to be a Tesco possible :

    Obviously, I am back to the spring coil rather than pocket sprung - but with the discount and code, even with the delivery, the cost is ?81 (compared to the Sainsburys cost of about ?108 after staff discount).

    Even looking at a more expensive Tesco one, it still seems to be spring coil:

    ?125 with doscount and ?15 code.

    also just found this one:

    I'm guessing that would be about ?98 with all the discounts.

    Ok - in summary, I don't have to buy from Tesco or Sainsbury - obviosuly Argos do a large range - but looking at their "so called" half price ones priced under ?100 - they seem to be aimed at kids or are a bit too "budget" for my needs -

    Just looking for some advice really - I know mattresses can be very much a personal choice - but I'm really just looking for the best one I can get for my budget (prob ?125 is as high as I want to go), without being worried that I'm getting it from a dodgy "retailer" - I've seen ones on ebay and amazon market place - and not really that keen on using these sellers.


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    Quick update - I didn't thnk about double-up tesco vouchers - but it would appear mattresses are not included anyway?
    But it's not very clear - according to Tesco, in the Home,Cook and Dine section the following are in: (included)

    What's in?

    ?Cooking utensils and knives
    ?Crockery, glasses and cutlery sets
    ?Pots, pans and bakeware
    ?Food preparation and storage
    ?Tea and coffee mugs
    ?Placemats and coasters
    ?Kitchen accessories and textiles
    ?Flasks and childrens' lunch bags
    ?Kitchen trolleys and wine racks
    ?Brita jugs and water filters
    ?Bathroom accessories
    ?Showers and shower accessories
    ?Bedding and electric blankets
    ?Home decorative accessories
    ?Clocks, picture frames, mirrors, candles and vases
    ?Indoor lighting
    ?Cushions, bean bags, throws, rugs, curtains and blinds
    ?Doormats and runners
    ?Indoor storgage and shelving
    ?Mops and accessories
    ?Ironing boards and ironing board covers
    ?Table cloths and napkins

    What's out?

    ?Fissler pans promotion
    ?Disposable tableware
    ?Electrical appliances
    ?All indoor and outdoor furniture
    ?Kitchens at
    ?Sellers at Tesco direct

    It says bedding is in - but when I click thru, I notice a cot mattress is "in" - but I cannot find proper mattresses in - but in which description are they excluded? Are they counted as "indoor furniture"?

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    Rest assured and Silentnight are same company and are carp!
    Airsprung seems to be OK. We have a pocket sprung airsprung and it's good. We did put a good 2" memory topper on it & it's lovely 2yrs later.

    Silentnight & their ilk I'd NEVER buy again - they don't last. Our last bed was a top of the range double sided Silentnight pillowtop - carp, carp, carp. After 2 years it was promoting really bad backs & it wasn't cheap. The pillowtop was useless.

    Personally if I were buying I'd see if I could get a reasonably priced pocket sprung if at all possible with a memory foam topping. NOT a pillow top.

    Have a look on ebay. We were looking at a King size pocket sprung with 2-3" memory foam + base for around ?250 with VERY good reviews.
    Think it was from this one BUT there are quite a few similar ones. From memory come straight from Factory in Yorkshire - of course people write reviews just after receiving BUT from my research I think you'd be better off with an independant rather than the big boys.

    We bought our new kingsize airsprung pocket divan with drawers for a crazy glitched price of something silly like ?130 and also got enough points off it to buy a combi microwave - otherwise I'd have bought off ebay.

    Think this is the ones I was looking at - there are plenty on ebay from same area with differing prices.


    Do a search on ebay I put in something like single pocket memory - look at the whole bed also as sometimes these are cheaper. I'd go for a 2" memory foam or 3" if possible 65gm if possible too. HTH
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    ?100 doesn't sound too much to me considering we spend a big % of our time sleeping.
    I think the best thing is to go to a store & actually try them as they vary so much! Difficult to recommend online.

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    I am a little bit perplexed as to the difference between the ?94.99 one you left me the link for (which also included p&P of ?19.99) - and this one, which is ?79.99 and free p&p - they both seem to have the same three telephone numbers printed - maybe that's the courier?

    Are they the same mattress?

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    I was also going to say, don't you want to try before you buy? OH & I had fun in John Lewis trying out all the different mattresses but it's the only way.

    Poundsinbucks x
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    Going to be honest here, up your budget you get what you paid for.

    You spend 6-8 hours a night in your bed or something like 25-30 years of the average persons life in bed. So dont buy cheap .Buy the best you can afford.

    Me and the missus splashed out on a Tempur .Its one of the best purchases i have ever made ,what im saying is dont buy cheap if you have too allocate money from elsewhere or get your priorities right.

    John Lewis is probably worth a try and try on the mattresses before you buy it.

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    Ikea have a 90 day money back no quibble guarantee on their matresses provided they are not marked or stained at the end of that period of time. You would probably know though within 28 days if the matress was the one for you.

    With matresses buy cheap buy twice. Get the best you can afford.
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    Quote Originally Posted by barafear799 View Post
    I am a little bit perplexed as to the difference between the ?94.99 one you left me the link for (which also included p&P of ?19.99) - and this one, which is ?79.99 and free p&p - they both seem to have the same three telephone numbers printed - maybe that's the courier?

    Are they the same mattress?
    Possibly they are. (link wrong) BUT I gave you 2nd one just as an example. I found LOTS that seemed to be from same people but at varying prices. Give them a ring and ask how deep the memory foam is - they just say a layer. 2-3" is best. 1500 springs is OK.

    This one at ?80 seems a bargain as it has 2" of memory foam V60 - I know we got 65gm which was supposed to be the best density - presumably this is 60gm. Chap is on holiday at moment though. You can probably find the same one from another vendor.

    Not everyone can afford "Tempur" - it's just a brand name which you'll pay through the teeth for. TBH I wouldn't want an all foam one. Which wasn't very complimentary about Tempur ones compared to non tempur memory foam. Also OP did say around ?100 NOT ?1000! Horses for courses & all that!

    I researched & found that where they got their beds from was a very good firm in Yorkshire who also sell top hotel quality. (that was from 1st link ?179 one) BUT as I found many different sellers are exactly the same, probably same company under an alias - you can tell from the identical wording and often pics. The one I looked at for around ?250 seemed to be EXACTLY the same as one costing ?2K but branded. I also knew they came from same factory. I did a LOT of research when looking for one.

    Only bought the Airsprung as we also needed a base, the price was ridiculously low (they made a HUGE mistake!) and got LOADS of points, so much so, it was almost free (I think ?10ish when you took points into consideration) LOL For the price we weren't expecting it to last too long and had budgeted to buy just a mattress later on. We have been pleasantly surprised it still looks and feels like new - it's very comfy, although having the memory foam topper on it obviously helps. Next time we buy it'll be integrated memory foam on pocket springs as the topper does move. I never move it BUT hubby is a different story!

    You'd probably get one from the Yorkshire people on ebay (and it looks like London firm with same phone numbers) that would cost you 5-6 times the price for an inferior 'branded' one. The chap I spoke to told me to go try the beds in Dreams (told me specific models at the time) and told me which of their beds were equivalent to the ones I'd tried & found comfy. ?250 compared to ?2K+ Who's making lots of money?

    Ikea beds often aren't standard UK sizes
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    We have got a value mattress from john Lewis, the cheapest type, and it is brilliant, comfortable and supportive. From memory ?85. Now it is in spare room, but is used regularly.

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