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Thread: New Mattress reqd

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    I really need to replace bed/mattress. Bed frame was a cheap metal one from Argos when me and ex bought first house in 1996! Mattress was replaced after he left, but is now 12 years old.

    Am currently waking with a sore neck, so definitely need to do something about it, just don't know where to start!
    I was looking at BBQs in sofaking a little while ago and mentioned DD might need a new mattress but she's in London. They claim their mattresses are the same as Lewis's or Dreams but at a fraction of the price. I think they have them to try there but didn't look any further.

    Good to hear you've got your mattress sorted barafear, it must be lovely having a new one

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    Barafear - thanks for the update!

    For all of you still looking - go to ebay!!

    Branded ones are very often crap quality - Silentnight, Sealy (which used to be so good until Silentnight took them over) etc. etc.

    The ones I initially looked at for around ?250 king size with 4 drawer bottom were supposed to be the same as ones in Dreams at ?2,000. I cajoled one of the sellers into giving me name of manufacturer (can't remember now what it was) & researched them & yep, they made premium quality beds - had very good reviews.

    Pocket sprung 1500-2000 pockets are best & with a memory foam top of 2-3" if possible 65gm. You'll easily spend ?2-3000 on a branded bed of this quality. It's a quality bed at at a budget price but with no 'named brand' to bump up the prices astronomically. I suppose bed suppliers have to pay for their showrooms & sky high council rates/taxes too, not to mention salespeople. They have to pay for this somehow - maybe by REALLY bumping up bed prices? Don't you think?
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