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Thread: ClickSnap and Tesco online

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    Default ClickSnap and Tesco online

    Seems to be a lot of interest on MSM re ClickSnap and online codes and a Tesco delivery

    I've read lots of pages but still none the wiser, anyone on PTS in the know?


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    Click and collect?

    Order day before price changes using money off code. Product goes in at full price, takes off voucher, price reduces overnight ready for collection.

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    Lots of people using "new customer" discount of 17 off 60. There is also a toothbrush for 25 which is often out of stock . You can use this to bump up your spend (7 off coupon available too). This is in addition to bumping up the spend amount by putting items in your basket that are full price (today) but due to go to half price (tomorrow) when you collect the order...........

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    Much clearer, thanks

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    You could also order GTA5 for a while too :>
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