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Thread: Halifax Cashback Extras

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    I have undertaken a quick search of the forums, but cannot find any reference to this - please accept my apologies if I am posting in the wrong forum with this.

    I was wondering if anybody has started to look into the triggers for the Halifax Cashback Extras?

    I have a Halifax Reward bank account and although I have signed up for the scheme, I dont have any offers showing in the Cashback Extras section of my account - presumably because I dont 'actively' use the account. I just keep it for the ?5 monthly credit.

    The Cashback Extras screen says to start using my debit card, before the rewards start to appear.

    ThisIsMoney reported back in August that "Under the bank?s new Cashback Extras scheme, you will get back between 5 per cent and 15 per cent of your bill at High Street stores including Argos, Homebase, Morrisons, O2 and The Body Shop. Halifax estimates that a customer who uses their plastic three times a month in these shops and spends at least ?30 will earn an average of ?108 a year."

    Has anybody worked out where they need to shop, in order to generate the offers - e.g. do I need to do a shop in Morrisons, in order to trigger the cashback offer for Morrisons?

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    There was a little discussion in another thread:

    I got a 15% cashback offer for Argos and bought some Boots gift cards; mostly to test the water. I didn't spend a lot as I can save 10% on Boots gift cards anyway, so it was only a little extra.

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    Are they targeted?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sarah7 View Post
    There was a little discussion in another thread:
    Thanks for the link.

    Quote Originally Posted by Sarah7 View Post
    I got a 15% cashback offer for Argos
    Had you used your debit card there before you got the offer?

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    No. I had used my Halifax cards almost nowhere.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sarah7 View Post
    No. I had used my Halifax cards almost nowhere.
    Interesting. I have used my card literally nowhere - just use the account to pay for a few direct debits - and have received no offers at all.

    Will need to do a little shopping on it methinks!

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    Just had another offer pop up: 10% cashback at Play (maximum ?30, 1 transaction only)

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    5pc cashback at Waitress, max reward ?30, expires 08/02/15

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    I have been regularly offered Waitrose - 5% or 10% - and the one I decided to go for was Morrisons (15%) - I only did a top up shop - ?30 - but I did actually need to get cashback at the till - so ?80 incl the ?50 cashback - and I got the 15% from Halifax on the full amount - so obviously when I decided to go for the Waitrose offer (10%) because I was also sent one of those promo 10% off cards for My Waitrose, I also got ?50 cashback to boost that as well - as it was, as I only bought items on special offer at Waitrose, my shop only came to about ?65 incl the cashback!!

    A lot of my recent offers have only been 5% - hardly worth it unless you actually want to buy something in that retailer - sometimes buying it online thru TCB or Quidco is higher cashback - I think the cashback with Halifax is only "in store"

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    I've had quite a few more offers since October 2013 too including Waitrose and Morrisons but only once each. I use them on gift cards or cashback if possible, however currently have 10% cashback offer for WHSmith which wouldn't be profitable for me as the only useful gift cards stocked at the local branch have 10% fees.

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