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Thread: Halifax Cashback Extras

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    I've got Waitrose at 15% atm must be because it's so far away! The others I have are Hilton and Conrad/Waldorf at 10%. I only get hotels and holiday ones usually, oh and car rental. Thinking about it, it's probably because I use the account to pay for holidays but not everyday shopping.

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    Anyone have the Lloyds Everyday offers cashback account?
    How long do offers take to appear once you open a current account?
    I have had one of their credit cards for 8 months now, with a heavy supermarket spend bias (GC related of course!)

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    The frequency with Lloyds is similar to Halifax, i.e. offers are quite few and far between in my experience.

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    ^ great!
    Just logged into my Lloyds account and got excited to see that the Everyday offers were active. But I only had the one where you might win a transaction back in a prize draw. Not get x% off at any retailers.
    I suppose I'll have to put some spend through on the CC to get any sniff of one? Even though I put ?7k June - Dec to get that upgrade voucher for an Avios redemption

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    Quote Originally Posted by barafear799 View Post
    I have been regularly offered Waitrose - 5% or 10% - and the one I decided to go for was Morrisons (15%) - I only did a top up shop - ?30 - but I did actually need to get cashback at the till - so ?80 incl the ?50 cashback - and I got the 15% from Halifax on the full amount - so obviously when I decided to go for the Waitrose offer (10%) because I was also sent one of those promo 10% off cards for My Waitrose, I also got ?50 cashback to boost that as well - as it was, as I only bought items on special offer at Waitrose, my shop only came to about ?65 incl the cashback!!

    A lot of my recent offers have only been 5% - hardly worth it unless you actually want to buy something in that retailer - sometimes buying it online thru TCB or Quidco is higher cashback - I think the cashback with Halifax is only "in store"
    I had realised by accident I could get cashback in Morrisons and get the cashback on that so always use that one when I get it in my offers and add ?50 cashback. I think last time I got ?5 when I spent ?50 rather than a percentage and I spent around ?5 + ?50 cashback. I never thought to buy giftcards there, but I have never taken advantage of any of the giftcard offers anywhere. I have currently got the waitrose 15% one in my offers does this also give you the cashback on cashback like the Morrisons? I dont think these offers are geared towards your shopping as most of them are totally irrelevant to my spending. Most of mine are restaurants at the moment, something I rarely use so they wll go unused even though they are offering 15%.

    Re the buying online I bought some clothing from New Look online before Christmas using TCB and my Halifax card and received the cashback for the spend (even though I returned the items) still waiting for the TCB money though, but not that bothered if declined.

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    With Halifax the offers are triggered if you spend via merchant codes. I don't know for sure how they work but they are used like how 3V block transactions with merchants in certain categories, or how Santander categorise purchases on their 1-2-3 card.

    So a spend at any supermarket may trigger offers (I have triggered Morrisons and Waitrose before by spending in Mr T), also I did an online shop at Amazon for a piece of electrical equipment and shortly after this triggered Halifax to offer Maplin, and a small bill in a hotel a few months back has triggered about 8 different hotel room/travel offers.

    The value of the offers has been reducing, at one stage I had 15% at Waitrose, now down to 5%, similar for Morrisons.

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