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Thread: Quidco app update is terrible!

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    Default Quidco app update is terrible!

    Anyone else just got the new Quidco App update? DON'T!

    Now they are putting little pictures under each item in your vicinity which uses up lots more data when refreshing.

    Now you cannot filter for check ins only so you end up with loads of offers for cashback all mixed up and if you are in a built up area like London you can't see the wood from the trees when listing it all on the screen.

    Now you do a check in and the next day its still showing as available on the main list but after you click through to it it says its been done.

    What a mess and terrible update.

    Anyone else having the same problems as me or have you discovered a way to filter only on check in's like you could before??

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    same problem here, will simply make me stop looking for check-ins. Screen is way too busy now and, so richyp says, too much data usage.

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    It is awful, but the check ins were pretty much dead anyway. I'm lucky if I get one a month. Good while it lasted.

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