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Thread: 400+ Avios with Avios Suitcase

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    Two more stickers to collect - easy 40 avios..

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    Thanks whisky.

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    new ones today (i do this now as well!)

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    Has anyone else had problems getting the new twitter sticker to work when connecting your twitter account to the suitcase account. I already have linked my twitter acc to suitcase in the past, this new sticker req it again but when i try to link the two accs it just sends you back to the sticker or via my account back to the sticker but not linked?
    Was amazed that the other new sticker gives 100 avios

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    i'v only just started doing it so not really much of an idea what i'm doing
    i managed the christmas one but i can't do the other either

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    Did you have to buy something for the Christmas one to work?

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    oops well i didn't
    maybe i haven't done it right, not really sure what i'm doing as usual

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    No, the twitter one is just post a pic of a ny scene, i have seen pics of people in their back gardens lol in the uk by the looks of it lol

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    Anyone know roughly how long you wait for points from suitcase takes to credit to avios accounts after accounts zero on the first of each month?

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    I havent bothered with Avios suitcase for ages, but back in the day... points used to post overnight, so can't imagine they should take more than that at month end.

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