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    Tried to find an appropriate forum for this.
    Just a quickie really - I've been lucky enough (??) to win a pair of tickets to the X Factor Final at Wembley Arena on Sunday.
    My question really revolves around the actual arena - I know it has fairly recently been revamped - I haven't been there for more than 10 years!
    I was hoping to make a day of it in London - but have been told I need to collect tickets from box office between 12 noon and 4pm - and presumably then enter arena for the show?
    I know there are some sort of food facilities there - can anyone enlighten me as to exactly what is there - if we have to stand around or hang around for several hours will it be boring?

    any help much appreciated.

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    I went there Nov 2012 to see Evanescence (a band) and kind of underneath the arena bit itself there were loads of different food & drink outlets. More than you could shake a stick at.

    I assume it would be the same for Xfactor unless the set up for that is special for some reason.

    I know it's all been redone, but it didn't seem to be any different in lay out than when I used to take the kids to see Disney on Ice (would that would have been the arenas?) 15 years ago.

    Stage at one end, seating round the other three sides and the mosh pit in the middle.

    You still go upstairs to the bit where the seating is and all the food stuff it on the ground level.

    Not sure if I am helping.
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    You have been most helpful - so other than "food outlets" - is there any sort of "things" to do other than "eat"?

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    Last time I went there was a 'cool bar' and separate fast track entrance if you had a Barclaycard. You might want to Google and check if its still there. You could borrow a Barclaycard as they only glance at it.

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