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Thread: Advice needed for cruise deals

  1. Question Advice needed for cruise deals

    We are planning to go on our first cruise this summer. Has to be end of June or July. What's the best cruise company to use and when should we book? If we leave it to the last minute will we get a good deal?

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    You won't be able to use deals for a last minute cruise. You need to check but think they have to be booked at least 90 days in advance.

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    P&O offer a better deal when using Clubcard Rewards as you can use the full amount in deals ( if you have that many), whereas Royal Caribbean have limit of ?300 per person.

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    Avoid the school summer holidays which start from the middle of July onwards.
    There are two benefits - it should be cheaper, and there won't be too many children. Winner!

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    Thanks for the advice. Unfortunately I'm not going to have nearly enough clubcard rewards for a cruise, so going to have to pay up. Wondered what website I could look at in order to get a brilliant cruise company at a cheap price. That's why I wondered if I should wait till the last minute.

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    I use these people, they are very good and very nice:

    If you are not using vouchers and can be a bit flexible with your dates, it's much better to wait until the last minute. The cruise company's idea of last minute seems to mean within the next three months. My idea of last minute is one week's notice. I've been only with Cunard, Fred Olsen and P&O (and Saga but we won't mention my age ) but they were all excellent and generally managed to avoid the American push and hustle.

    Once, my OH and I prepared for the holiday, bought everything we needed from Boots, packed, booked with Thomas Cook on the Saturday and flew on the Sunday. We ended up in Turkey because we weren't at all fussy where we went. (Not a cruise, though.)

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