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Thread: Solar Panels installation?

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    My reply was based on the question can you benefit and make money from solar panels, i presumed they had already been given figures of what could be achieved at there property using there roof?

    There are new efficient electric radiators, but the cheapest way to heat any home is gas central heating. This is taking into account changing your boiler every 10 to 15 years and the cost of installing. Air source heating would heat a house very economically with underfloor or wall water heating, and even using your existing radiators. But bear in mind they run at 55c and gas boilers run around 65c. So like for like it would need to be topped up to reach the same temperatures. But if you had a new house with supper insulation 55c would be fine. The draw back is the cost of an air source boiler. You wont achieve any savings over its life time as the cost of gas and gas boiler out weighs the cost of the air source boiler. This is why theres no funding on properties with gas, if you have no gas and electric storage heaters you can get funding towards a air source bolier. Solar pv is the only way to make a saving over time on a normal property.

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    Don't understand and also disagree with a lot of the above but not looking for an argument.


    "Solar pv is the only way to make a saving over time on a normal property."

    That's just incorrect in so many ways.

    Figures on what you can achieve are fine based on aspect and angle and shading - but the SAP calculation doesn't cover your bills, all of the stuff done outside of the SAP which is what is being used to pump these figures out which are well inflated if your bills are coming in under the national average (in this case under half) are what is potentially misleading for people and worth being aware of. This may already have been done by the OP anyway and in the ideal situation they describe, then the payback may indeed be possible at the levels describe dependent on cost and assuming a large system.

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    It`s not complicated, as it seems. Well, probably, I got this impression, since I`m an electrician and I installed by myself the panel solars I bought for my holiday home. discount-monster is a decent place to get these.
    If you get the professional help of an electrician or somebody who have installed before this equipment, it won`t last more than 24h to have everything working
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