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Thread: Booked with Virgin, flying with Emirates...quick question.

  1. Default Booked with Virgin, flying with Emirates...quick question.

    I am going back out to Dubai - we LOVED it last year, but this time although we are booked through Virgin again, our flight is with Emirates out of Gatwick this time.

    It was really straightforward to pre-book seats last year, but not sure what I'm doing through another airline. Anybody done this and can give advice?


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    When I've booked with Emirates, I think I booked my seats at the same time. As far as I remember, you just log on with your booking reference and choose your seat (and add your details at the same time).

    It might be different if you've a Virgin reference though

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    If the above doesn't work call / live chat Virgin Holidays to find out what your Emirates booking ref is.

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    Thanks for the advice - much appreciated!

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    Can I ask how you were able to fly with emirates but book through Virgin. We have been to Dubai and loved it. Would like to go back but it is proving a bit expensive! Where are you staying?

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