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    How Do I Join?
    In order to join CashBackToYou registration is necessary. By using this link you will also be eligible for a sign-up bonus of ?2.50.

    How Am I Paid?
    Payment is made by BACS direct into your UK Bank or Building Soc account - Electronic payment of account balances means we can send you payment without delay and more securely - no lost cheques - no surcharges - and no trip to the bank for you . You will need to tell us your banking details after logging onto your account and selecting AMEND ACCOUNT button link on the left hand panel . Payment is made on request once your accumulated total has reached ?25 minimum.

    Daily Clicks
    Cashbacktoyou has two daily clicks

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    never used these before but want to make a large purchase at John Lewis - any feedback to report?

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    Don't know, but it appears to be offering ?5 on sign-up according to the bit at the top of their page. Do look more closely though coz I only had a quick look.

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    Just joined and got ?5 credit instantly, many thanks for this one

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    ?20 minimum cash out

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