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Thread: redspottedhanky general query

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    Not sure whether this has been asked and answered already - I did a search but didn't find an answer.

    If a person changes their Tesco Clubcard Vouchers into Redspottedhanky credit, can that be allocated to any existing redspottedhanky account or would it need to match email address of Tesco account?

    Reason I'm asking:

    my sister has some Tesco clubcard vouchers - she has a different surname and address to me - and email address obviously.

    She does not have a redspottedhanky account - so would need to set up a new one - she only needs to do this to buy a ticket for a particular journey - this will leave a "balance" in the hanky account which she is unlikely to use (as she rarely uses the train - too attached to car!!!) - so as I use my hanky account more regularly it would make sense to use mine.

    Is this possible?


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    t &c's say Tesco Clubcard account needs to match your account on red spotted hanky for the code to work

    but as you say it will leave a balance ... your sister would be then be able to book just tickets for you and just change the name & home address on order and get the tickets sent to you free 1st class post

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    I've converted to RSH for my son to use. He has changed the name on the account to his and uses his card details to collect the ticket at the station.

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    Unlike most accounts where you name must remain static, on RSH you can change actual name (well, haven't tried, but editable online) as well as the more common phone and email details, so seems to me you just need to change your account name and contact details to match your sister's ClubCard account, then let her do the Boost, then change back to you later

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    Bit of a random question - not sure RSH are as popular as once they were. But I needed some train tickets - I had some spare Tesco vouchers - so I swapped them.
    However, forgot to read the small print - falling into the trap(assumption) that Tesco deals were now all digital and instant - and now have to "wait up to 72 hours" for my e voucher to appear in RSH.

    It's so long since I did a conversion - my question is:

    Generally - what is this time frame? Does it tend to be much quicker?
    I fear my advance fares will soon be gone!!! And I don't really want to pay by cash and be lumbered with the vouchers and no train journeys reqd....thanks.

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    I haven't done any RSH conversions for a while but I think I saw them in my account the next day if I recall, so I would possibly say about 24 hours.

    They are valid for a while so if you were worried about losing the advance fares, you could always pay cash now and then use them another time if you intend to travel by train at some point.

    I make regular trips home to Cornwall so it does all add up!!

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    Yes did one last week and it took 24 hrs

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    Thanks, yes they appeared the next day but one of my fares went up by ?6!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by barafear799 View Post
    Thanks, yes they appeared the next day but one of my fares went up by ?6!!
    Variable for me, I do a few, sometimes as little as 2 hours sometimes 3 days. I can't see any pattern in it either
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    I changed my route because I'm too stubborn to pay the ?6 higher fare.
    I now have a slow train with a 5 hour stop off in Crewe (rather than direct route from Manchester-London on Virgin).
    Anyone know of much to fill my 5 hours with in Crewe?

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