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Thread: Wine 25% off 6 bottles

  1. Default Wine 25% off 6 bottles

    Last day at Morrisons for the above offer if anyone wants to fill up their wine lake

    Still not seen the mystery wines on the Tesco site as well!!!!

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    Had a look yesterday but most seemed to be over priced by more than 25% to start with.

    campo viejo tempranillo seemed an exeptional deal but the shelfs were empty.

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    Waitrose also doing this until Tuesday 4th!
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    same in sainsburys the other day some good wine at 2410 making it 3.75 a bottle
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    Just a reminder that on Tesco Wine Site 25% off 2 cases ends tomorrow.

    4% Cashback for Tesco wine site at Quidco at the moment

    Shame no codes/points around for wine at the moment

    Does anyone think there may be the 25% offer from any other supermarkets before Christmas?

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