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Thread: Quidco Christmas Bonus Event

  1. Default Quidco Christmas Bonus Event

    Not sure if this is restricted to Premium members:

    If you shop with enough of the partner retailers, you'll earn:
    • ?6 with 6 retailers
    • ?25 with 9
    • ?50 with 12

    There is no mention of a minimum spend in the T&Cs, so I'm wondering if I could spend ?1 or less at 12 retailers and then get ?50 cashback (a ?38 profit).

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    My mistake, there is a minimum spend:

    Until the user makes purchases at 6 participating retailers the cashback bonus will remain locked and will not be payable to the user. The bonus will become payable after purchases are made at the required number of participating retailers and the user's total spend at bonus retailers is twice that bonus amount. For the avoidance of doubt to unlock a ?6 bonus a user must spend at least ?12 at the 6 participating retailers used to unlock the tier 1 bonus of ?6, ?50 at the 9 retailers used to unlock the tier 2 bonus of ?25 and ?100 at the 12 retailers used to unlock the tier 3 bonus of ?50.

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    Way too fiddly and complex for me. Lies the chance of transactions not tracking. I'll stick to top cash back and get Clubcard points. Thanks for the post though.

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