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    Anyone doing this?

    I did buy 4 Green Mark vodkas matching to Sainsburys at ?10 and 3000 points each.
    I think that one is over now

    Was looking at Innocents (?2.49 and 500 points) hopefully matching to Asda at ?2 but haven't done yet

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    I have had one go a few weeks ago and got the Hardys wine and comfort. Still waiting for reply for card, so surprised to get 3 ?5 vouchers yesterday when using temp card. Need another 400 points (40p) for another fiver.

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    This seems pretty amazing, Featherstone Columbard Viognier 75cl ?4.59 with 2500 points worth ?2.50 in Match and More points. Effectively ?2.09 a bottle!ImageUploadedByTapatalk1441954023.063248.jpg
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    Nice spot Dom, just ordered her indoors to get some but she refused

    wouldn't let me rep you.
    Away from the numbers

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