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Thread: Morrisons fuel saver query?

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    Default Morrisons fuel saver query?

    Has anyone seen 3Vs or the ?50 Visa cards in Morrisons recently?
    There appears to have been a mass removal or non-stocking of these two types of cards in my regular Morrisons haunts.
    I have also noticed a spreading of the Amex gift cards across the gift card display.

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    I think they have removed the 3V's too. I was getting free fuel for a while but that ground to a halt.

    Other sections of the rack seem full to overflowing so it's not like they are waiting for stocks to be replenished.

    Not surprising really, if that is the case.

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    My suspicions were aroused when I took a large quantity through a manned till and the lady said that an error message had come up which said "not allowed in multiples" or something on those lines. She scanned them all and the fuel voucher did not appear - but I got cash instead after 30 mins of complaining.

    If it is the case, it was good whilst it lasted!

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    What do you class as a large quantity? Doesn't have to be exact, just an idea. I'm wondering if there is a cut off rather than *just* 'multiples.

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    Anybody had luck finding at Morrisons?

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    I bought ?200 worth the other day, but it was a one off I think. I haven't seen any since.
    They were the cards (not 3Vs)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lezhjh View Post
    Anybody had luck finding at Morrisons?
    Yes but of course they didn't last for very long.

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