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    Anyone recommend a decent set? Had the old fashioned kind and due to weak wrists cant crack them at times!

    Got a load of nets of nuts for 50p from Asda and just realised that I broke the set we had!!!
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    I like this sort as I was always getting flesh at the bottom of my thumb trapped in the traditional metal ones.

    That's only an example -but similar to ones I've got.

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    We too realised that our nutcrackers had broken last Xmas.
    Ours were 'Crackerjack' and a sort of rachet system where you pumped/closed the handle (like a pair of secateurs) & the bottom bar moved up & cracked the nut on the metal at the top. Very successful & NO pinching of the skin or the need to be He-Man to crack the nut! If you can pick up a pair of these then go for it!
    Couldn't find them so looked on eBay but they were quite pricey even for second hand versions.

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    Best of luck Gismos. I am still using a pair that my Mum gave me from the 1950/60's. I have tried others since and these are still the best. They look really old and tatty now...but still work a treat !!!!

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