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Thread: How much have you earned from quidco ?

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    Default How much have you earned from quidco ?

    It was using this forum that got me motivated to use quidco. I have gone through phases over the years where i have stopped using quidco and started again, nowadays i stick with the same car insurance company and home insurance so probably not maxamising my account but even still i am delighted to have had over ?1300 so far.

    Thankss to everyone that used to/still does post for getting me intrested in it.

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    Its TCB for me all the way!
    Earned ?437 in 2 years.
    Shame Quidco don't do a Tesco conversion as well.

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    I have just joined topcashback . Did you do the gala casino offer ? ?92 for ?30 wager.. mine hasn't tracked.
    I have a total of 0.35p on topcashback?. will update in a few months and see how i have got on.

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    I don't go near the Bingo/gambling ones. Too many T&Cs and I don't massively agree with the whole industry.

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    ?2k+ but use TCB now for Tesco conversion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sr123 View Post
    Its TCB for me all the way!
    Earned ?437 in 2 years.
    Shame Quidco don't do a Tesco conversion as well.
    I was thinking the same today about tesco conversion on quidco, i would imagine tcb have an agreement with tesco that they can only offer cb for points - shame as if this was not the case quidco and others could offer cc points, think i would join all cb sites offering this service.

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    ?5k - but now use TCB

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    ?2.4k and only a couple of payments refused and both of those were less than a couple of quid

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    Blimey ! thats such a log at cash back and is really helping me get motivated. will look at home insurance now

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    Staying with the same car and home insurance is probably costing you over ?100 cashback a year let alone the extra you are paying by not moving your business elsewhere every year. This is one of the biggest ways to save money you can do.
    Those who think they know it all are very annoying to those of us who actually do.

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