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Thread: Asda APG's - some tips etc.

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    Wink Asda APG's - some tips etc.

    Thanks Giz for setting up this sub-forum.

    OK Asda APG. You need at least 8 DIFFERENT items (often better to get 10 that compare, just in case 1 or 2 get missed off) - sometimes checkout operators put different flavours through as the same item/s this can REALLY mess up an APG, try to insist they put different flavours, like yoghurt through individually, they also have been known to give you the small piece of ginger as it barely weighs anything - the 8 items can come from food, health & beauty, cleaning stuff etc. NOT from homeware, clothing etc. At least 1 item should be comparable to get an APG.

    You are officially allowed up to ?100 of APG's per month and 10 APG's per month. You can get APG's from an online shop but they can only be spent online. A private browsing window and a few different email addresses can circumvent this. You'll also need a few postcodes and addresses (easy to look up) especially for Click & Collect. You'll also need your friends name when picking it up & don't forget to print out your order number/order so you can check you have everything. Handy as an aide memoire too

    HELP NEEDED - One thing I'm not sure about is do the 10 orders or ?100 worth run from 1st of month to end of month? Also say you had CC/HD orders for 30th Dec & 31st (as I did) & asked for the APG straight away BUT nothing gets paid out until a Tuesday 6th Jan - by which time I'd done another couple of shops that I'd asked to be paid out for. Will all these count towards your Jan limit of ?100 - I'm pretty darned close, IF that's the case.

    Asda guarantee that they will be 10% cheaper on your shop (comparable items only included) than the other main supermarkets. They compare against Sainsbury, Tesco, Morrisons & Waitrose. What this means is that your whole shop does NOT compare, just the items that you've searched for on MSM. Whoopsies don't count as an item thankfully so unlike Tesco PP feel free to add as many whoopsies as you like to your shop it helps pad it out.

    You should check each product you want to buy on MSM - or on the mobile app MSY. You can also see which items will give you cashback.

    Straight comparisons of items cheaper elsewhere should virtually always give you an APG. It's best if you have a few items from your targeted store that are cheaper there. You need to check each item & take a list with you when you shop - DON'T be tempted to put anything in a shop you're hoping to get an APG on unless you've checked it on MSM first. If it's 9-10% LESS expensive in Asda you can put it in your APG as this won't make a difference in the APG you receive. I would suggest a basket in your trolley for things that are a bargain in Asda that you haven't looked up - put through as a different shop to safeguard your APG

    It's too easy to put things in a trolley when you're shopping that you haven't looked up. If you shop with a partner make sure they don't add items sneakily into the trolley, their little additions might mean you don't get an APG. I'll bet we've all been caught out by partners, children adding their little items - usually bargains - which ruin your well planned shop/s.

    Useful things to add to get your 8 or preferably 10 items (just in case) best to check these too as sometimes they vastly differ in price from store to store. Smartprice items like tins of fruit, tomatoes, beans, mash, 1 white onion, 1 red onion, small piece of ginger, banana, apple, pear, orange, lemon, some people buy 10p sweets, flumps, mice etc. I know some people get 1 red grape, 1 white grape, 1 sprout BUT I'm not that brave.

    It really is best if you try not to get an APG over ?9.99 as this often means a supervisor is called & they will look at your receipt more closely. It's also best if your APG doesn't come to more than your shop. Be sensible or you may get banned for abusing their systems. Apart from that it flags you up and you may find you're followed around the store, you may also find that the check-out operator changes to a supervisor as you go to check out.

    I was SO embarrassed when this happened to me a couple of times back in summer of 2012 when it seemed like all H&B was 12p ish 6 cans of coke, all cereals, Robinsons, Cleaning stuff was 32p ish. It was hard at that time to get an APG under ?10 BUT please try to nowadays. They did cap the APG to ?10 but that cap has been lifted now. DON'T spoil it for all of us by being too blatant especially instore. Remember this has been going on for years, IF we're all sensible and people don't take the then it may go on for many more years.

    Asda also has 'glitches' often on multibuys where say you get 3 items for ?10 but one of the items is on Asda website but is nowhere to be found on MSM. This is called a TRIGGER item. When you go to the till the multibuy works BUT the comparison with other supermarkets (using MSM for all except Morrisons) because the 'trigger' doesn't show on MSM it compares the single price of 2 of the items against the single prices elsewhere. Often if a good price is available elsewhere, the price for 2 items can be WELL under the price for all 3 in Asda. At the moment there is a glitch on against Waitrose H&B which means 3 items cost ?5 in Asda but because there is a 'trigger' item it gives you an APG in store or online of about ?5.50 (more than you paid for all items) making ALL items free! This is because the individual prices in Asda are far too high! Nice for us!

    One thing I didn't mention is IF an item doesn't show on MSM - trigger. The trigger will NOT count as one of your necessary 8 items. This again is why it's always wise to buy extra items. It also won't count if it's gone out of stock. Hence if you're going for a goodish APG spend an extra 20-40p as a safeguard of getting the APG. Many of us have lost out in the past inadvertently as things suddenly disappeared or went OOS or Not available from MSM.

    Right off to bed now - I'll post some more tomorrow. I can also add to this if anyone has suggestions please feel free to post them.
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    Great post but in para 7 you say MSE when I think you mean MSM? Thanks for the tips.

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    Yep excellent post, thank you.

    I'm not sure you are correct in saying if it's up to 9% cheaper in Asda it won't affect your APG. If it's say ?3 in Asda and ?3.20 elsewhere it would still knock 20p off your APG.
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    Melroccan - slip of type!

    Dom - . OOPS - I meant cheaper in Asda - thanks! I'm now adding milk at 89p to shops as although elsewhere (except Morries) it's ?1. I know it's over 10% cheaper but for a 1p loss on an APG it cuts out a filler. Bread - I add the Kingsmill thick sliced wholemeal as it's a good price in Asda @ 79p but doesn't compare anywhere at moment. (Check MSM).

    Another tip - IF you are collecting a C/C and do an instore shop off another supermarket at the same time remember what's on your C/C. I picked one up yesterday & did a shop adding Kingsmill. I didn't realise until I got home that my C/C also has bread on it. We don't eat that much bread so suppose I'm gonna have to dig into my recipes for bread & butter pudding.
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    Surely the milk doesn't just knock 1p off though as it's done on the WHOLE shop. An item 11p cheaper will reduce your APG by 11p (actually probably a little more) assuming the rest of the shop is favourable for APG.

    If you had 10 items like this they would all knock ?1.11 off the difference and potentially shift the whole thing into 'your shop was cheaper at Asda'
    Those who think they know it all are very annoying to those of us who actually do.

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    Dom - nope it'll just take 1p off as Asda guarantee to be 10% cheaper than the opposition whereas they are 11%ish cheaper so you lose 1p off your APG. 10% of ?1 normal price of milk in some shops is 90p - therefore all you lose by adding Asda cheap milk is 1p. It's all in the maths. Even if you did buy 10 items that were 10% cheaper in Asda - as long as they're ?1 or less it's just going to make a difference of 10p max. It's just basic maths.

    You have to buy milk anyway. You could just buy the milk in a separate basket OR why not use it in an APG to make sure you have 10 items (I don't like just getting 8 as been had by this before). Think if they just use 1x2lt of milk & compared it Tescos would be ?1 therefore you get 10p back from Asda, making it 1p more expensive than their milk. You'd still get the milk at 89p from Asda but you'd lose 1p off your APG if used in a shop.

    It's often better to get what you'd use than buying those silly 1p sweets. I'll always use ginger, garlic, single onions and fruit so none of my 8-10 items will go to waste.
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    Default Asda APG's - some tips etc.

    I don't think that's right but without comparative receipts I can't prove either way.

    Yes they guarantee to be 10% cheaper on the whole shop. So if you buy 10 items the same price you get 10% back. If however you buy 10 items that are ?1 in Asda but ?0.90 elsewhere you get the 10p x 10 back plus 10% so ?1.10. If however half of those items are 10p cheaper at Asda that cancels out 10p of ones that are dearer. So one 10p cheaper and one 10p dearer would only give the 10% back ie 2p for those two, so you'd cancel out 10p of your APG for something else. As I say, multiply this up for 10 bottles of milk and that's ?1.10 not 10p. This is because it is on the WHOLE shop not per item.

    APG returns the difference, plus 10% of the difference! So anything cheaper at Asda will cancel out the equivalent amount of an item dearer at Asda.

    If you are doing an APG shop you want virtually no items cheaper at Asda as every penny cheaper will cancel out a penny on a dearer item. So your 89p v ?1 cancels out 11p back on something dearer at Asda. Surely you can understand this?

    Sorry to labour the point but I honestly think you will find this is correct - to me this is 'simple maths' - it is worked out on the whole shop.
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    I've always understood it as Dom says so would be really interested if you can spare the time to explain further Wishes.

    I was going to adjust these to make them clearer but actually they just confuse everyone.
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    Thanks wishes I now know what a trigger item is when people refer to one.

    The above 'maths' posts confuses me. I just keep it simple go for 10 products, already know they are cheaper at another supermarket and get my APG. I do have a list which I may have listed spare products for any items that may be out of stock and use fillers which I use.

    Works for me

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    OK for arguments sake lets say you buy 1 item costing 90p in Asda and ?1.00 elsewhere.
    Asda on a comparison will give you nothing for this as they are already exactly 10% cheaper at 90p. It will NOT add to your APG as it's EXACTLY the same price as it would have been if you bought in Asda. It likewise will NOT take anything away from your APG - you gain nothing and you lose nothing.

    An item costing 89p in Asda then - you'll actually lose just 1p off your APG

    IF the cost were EXACTLY the same in both shops ?1.00 then you'd get 10p back to make Asda 10% less in price -- the difference + 10%

    HENCE if items are less than 10% lower in Asda than elsewhere it won't harm your APG.

    MomaBee - I don't understand your maths at all??

    It really is very simple maths (well, for me it is BUT I did do A levels in it!)

    You could buy 100 different items that are 95p each in Asda so cost ?95. If the same 100 items were ?1.00 elsewhere costing ?100 then you'd get back ?5 (the difference) + 50p(10% of difference)= ?5.50

    If those same 100 items were 90p in Asda and ?1.00 elsewhere you're paying ?90 for all of them in Asda and ?100 elsewhere. This is a difference of ?10 BUT in Asda you're just Paying ?90. Cost of shop Asda ?90 Cost of shop elsewhere ?100. Asda are already ?90 so they are already 10% cheaper - result NO APG.

    100 items at 89p in Asda and ?1.00 elsewhere.
    Cost ?100 elsewhere and ?89 in Asda = ?11.00 difference.
    Asda say they should be 10% cheaper than elsewhere Hmmm - they are more than 10% cheaper ?100 elsewhere let's adjust that ?100 for Asda's 10% cheaper claim so let's reduce the ?100 by 10% (less ?10) =?90
    OK Asda for all 100 items is ?1.00 cheaper so you lose 1p an item for all 100 items. Therefore if something is up to 10% cheaper in Asda you won't lose anything on APG. You'll gain on APG if it's under 10%.

    Simple maths!
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