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Thread: Asda vs Tesco

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    A random item which was in a shop of things I thought were cheapest in Asda - curly kale, 200g, 88p in A compared to 49p in T

    Cadbuurys creme eggs are 2 for 88p in A, but APG sees full price of 65p and compares with 3 for ?1 in T - ?3.90 v ?2.
    this is also the same v. Sainsbury.
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    How is it ?3.90? Surely if it sees full price that's ?1.95 v ?2 for 3? Or ?3.90 v ?4 for 6?
    Those who think they know it all are very annoying to those of us who actually do.

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    Sorry - my mistake - should have said 3 for ?1 in S and T - will amend my original post.
    6 x 65 =?3.90
    v 3 for ?1 x 2

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    Never done an online shop with Asda before - therefore got tempted by TCB's ?21 cashback offer for new customers.
    However, don't really ever spend ?100 - so would like to be in some filler items - but with the overall intention (including my non-filler items) of generating a significant APG voucher as well.

    I've just thought - surely as a new customer, isn't there a "new customer discount code" I could use in conjunction with the TCB?

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    Asda don't normally do new customer codes.

    When I do a target shop I look at the offers in the other supermarket to see what I would normally buy, decide which is most important to me atm then build the rest of the shop around that. ?100 is going some though! I would use it to stock up with store cupboard items and toilet rolls

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    If you are lucky enough to pick up the in store free mag...Jan.Page 31 has a ?1 coupon off Yorkshire tea decaf T bags. in store ?2.99. Cost ?1.99 but these are comparing at the original price of ?2.99 to Tesco at ?1.50.Approx price will be around 50p box.Fillers not included.The ordinary Yorkshire tea has been going through the tills also.
    i have stocked up on these.😃
    Ps...Page 23 of this same mag has coupon for 20p off crosse and Blackwell soups currently on offer for 50p.Soup for 30p a tin.Do not put the soup with your Tesco t bag shop though.

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